After announcing a new 5.5-inch QHD display panel, LG has now unveiled UX 4.0 — the latest iteration of the manufacturer's UI — ahead of the launch of the LG G4 on April 28.

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The features highlighted in the video (which has Korean text) include Quick Shot, which involves double tapping the volume button at the back of the phone to take a photo, even if the phone is locked. If that sounds familiar, it is because Samsung also introduced a similar function with the Galaxy S6 that allows you to launch the camera by pressing the home button twice. Another imaging-focused addition is Expert Camera Mode, which uses geolocation to group photos taken at a single location into an album.

While the visual elements of the interface look similar to that of what we've seen on the G3, this time around, LG has focused on adding features such as Smart Board, which collates information from several sources such as calendars, music and health, and displays it in a single widget. Smart Alert shows you the weather information for the day and provides customized suggestions based on your interests. For instance, if you like to go biking, the feature will recommend the ideal time of the day to do so.

The launch event for the LG G4 is scheduled for April 28, which is when we'll know more about LG's flagship for 2015.

What are your views on the direction LG is taking in terms of its software?

Source: YouTube (LG Mobile Global); Via: Slashgear