Save the date, May 27 is when we'll see what's next from LG

The LG G3 is going to be with us very soon, as LG has started sending out invites to press for an event on May 27 in 6 cities around the world. London, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Istanbul and Seoul will all see the introduction of LG's newest flagship smartphone for 2014 on the very same day. LG's going big this time.

The invite doesn't specifically mention the G3, but with the emphasis on G, it's pretty obvious what we're looking at. The G3 has leaked out recently showing off redesigned, but still rear facing buttons, and is rumored to have a crazy 1440p resolution display.

Of course, Android Central will be live on location – though we'll keep you guessing as to which location, for now! – from the event to bring you everything you'll want to know. We know a lot of folks are excited for this one, so stick with us. It's sure to be a good one!

LG G3 Invite