LG G Flex 2

LG executives have admitted today there were issues with the first batch of the Snapdragon 810 chips from Qualcomm. However, the smartphone company said those issues have been fixed and won't delay the launch of their recently announced LG G Flex 2 smartphone.

Recent rumors claim that the Snapdragon 810 has been overheating in testing but LG's vice president for mobile product planning, Woo Ram-Chan, denied there were any such problems. Today, following the announcement of their latest financial results, LG executives have apparently backtracked a bit and admitted to some problems with the processor but they are now saying they have been dealt with.

As our own editor-in-chief Phil Nickinson stated on Sunday, it's better for a processor to fail in testing rather than have it fail inside a product that's sold to consumers. However, Qualcomm has also admitted this week that "our Snapdragon 810 processor will not be in the upcoming design cycle of a large customer's flagship device", which has lead to speculation that it won't be inside some versions of Samsung's still-unannounced Galaxy S6.

Source: ZDNet Korea; Via: GForGames