batteries for LG Revolution

You'll want to be sure that your LG Revolution stays juiced up throughout the day.  Although the standard battery that comes with your device may be enough power for some, there's always the power-user that needs more than just the norm.  The good news is we provide standard batteries for the LG Revolution if you prefer to carry a spare at all times, as well as backup batteries which are great to carry when traveling in case you have an emergency and can't get to a charger when power is the most crucial.

LG Revolution Batteries

Standard Battery for LG Revolution 

Batteries for the LG Revolution are a must have if you are always on-the-go and don't have access to a wall or car charger.  Simply replace your standard Revolution battery with this OEM replacement and you're all set.  Many people opt to carry two or more LG Revolution batteries at a time, leaving no reason to worry in case they run out of juice.


Backup Batteries for LG Revolution

Backup batteries for LG Revolution

Sometimes you won't always have your charger handy, inevitably leaving you with a dead device. Luckily these LG Revolution backup batteries are a great solution for emergency situations.  By plugging in the backup battery to your LG Revolution, you've got the instant power you need to get through the day.

LG Revolution Batteries