LG Thunder source

LG has released the Kernel source and assorted GPL bits for the Gingerbread build on their Optimus S device.  No reports of anything showing in the LG updater tool just yet, and rumor says mid-September for an OTA.  For now, this just means that our resident Optimus warlords (yes, they have transcended developer status) have some new code to play with and see if they can improve the Gingerbread builds they have had running for the Optimus S for quite a while.  Realistically, there will be a few things here of value for all Optimus developers, who have been forced to use hacks and work arounds for some of the closed-source functionality from LG.  With this new codebase, expect your favorite Gingerbread ROM for the Optimus S to get even better. 

Source: LG; via Android Central forums