LG Optimus Black unbooking (unboxing)

Ah, the unboxing. All that pomp and circumstance to tell you that inside most smartphone boxes you'll find a charger, USB cable, manual, some leagalese, maybe a SD card adapter, some earbuds if you're really lucky -- standard fare. Yawn.

LG's included all that in the Optimus Black package it sent us. We've got a charger. We've got a manual. We've got a microSD card adapter. We've even got earbuds. But, darn it, LG did it with style, including a beautifully drawn book with several dozen pages detailing some of the finer points of the Black (as we're going to call it).

It's an unboxing (or is it unbooking?) to behold. Check it all out in still life -- like, 50-something pictures -- after the break.

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Phil Nickinson
  • Very cool. I'm a sucker for packaging..
  • A sucker for terribly wasteful and entirely unnecessary packaging? Huh. Sort of a novel presentation, but entirely ridiculous at the same time.
  • Must everything in life be practical? So they went a little overboard in the packaging. Big deal. If this were a commodity item that was going to generate thousands of tons of waste I could understand the complaint. This is an item which is likely to only sell a couple million units. I would bet that a majority of the folks who buy this phone will keep the packaging at least until they upgrade the phone. It will likely then get passed along to the next owner. Anyway, great idea! I would almost buy this just to check out the packaging...almost!
  • wow!
  • Very different!!
  • Very Intersting. But boy do you guys MILK "Reviews" . . . all this and that other write up should be a part of ONE BIG Review
  • This was an unboxing ... Not a review.
  • Agreed, they do milk it, but why not? If you were obsessed with the phone you'd eat this up. Personally I like things split up the way they are. I couldn't care less for unboxings, first impressions, or initial hands-ons. I only like the reviews. This way I can get to the part I want, and if I want to see more, they usually include links to that other stuff in the article.
  • Looks very nice but not enough for me to break away from my Epic.
  • I just hope they make this phone available on Sprint!!
  • is this phone even coming to the states? Cuz it totally should!
  • At least one is :) I'll use this one on T-mobile Edge if I have to lol. Maybe I can get Phil to drink about 30 beers and lose it in a bar...