LG G3 QuickCircle case

LG has today announced the availability of its QCircle SDK, through which developers can tailor their apps to work with the QuickCircle flip case that was announced along with the LG G3. And as it prepares to host a developer event in San Francisco, the company has also announced new SDKs for a handful of other LG G3 features.

While the QuickCircle case includes the ability to answer incoming calls, reply to messages, access music controls, launch the camera and check emails, the QCircle SDK allows devs to make many more third-party apps accessible from directly within the windowed case. For more on the QuickCircle case, check out our hands-on post from the London launch event.

Also coming: SDKs for QSlide, QRemote and QPair.

In addition to the QCircle SDK, LG is rolling out additional for SDKs other features included in the G3. The QSlide SDK will allow developers to let their apps turn into miniature windowed apps on LG devices. The QRemote SDK will let developers build in support for more IR-controlled devices on LG phones with the right hardware. And the QPair SDK will let give developers access to the phone-to-tablet link that currently lets LG tablets answer calls through a paired LG phone.

To showcase these new SDKs, LG is hosting a developer event later this month in San Francisco ahead of Google I/O, where LG engineers will be on hand to deliver technical talks. The availability of the SDKs means that the QuickCircle case and other LG utilities, like QSlide and QRemote, will be much more extensible, which is a good thing considering they're mostly limited to first-party LG stuff at present.

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Source: LG Newsroom