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Design characteristics match previous leaks, no new information revealed

A grouping of curious leaks from Google promotional videos and the FCC have people sniffing around for the next Nexus phone, and the latest leaks may give us the best look yet at the unreleased device. Pictures and videos obtained by 9to5Google show off a "Nexus" phone with very similar characteristics and design to what we've seen previously pass through the FCC as an LG-D820.

We get a good shot of the back and front, as well as a still of the boot animation — which looks oddly like the Google Play edition animation. The back plate looks to have a soft touch material and is rather blocky with curved top and bottom edges, a large camera pod in the top left and a Nexus logo running vertically along the back. Naturally there is an LG logo at the bottom under a "Not For Sale" etching.

This particular unit naturally looks much more final and finished than the earlier pictures from the FCC, but as we all know things can change drastically during pre-production and prototype stages. 

9to5Google claims the pictures and video come from a bar employee who took a look at the phone when it was left unattended (yes, really) and had time to snap a few pictures and two brief videos, which you can find below.

Evidence is really building that this device, whatever it may be called, is an upcoming Nexus phone from Google. At this point, however, we're still left waiting for any real information about the phone.

Source: 9to5Google

LG Nexus phone