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Likely introduction of LG G Pro 2 at event in Seoul

We already know that the LG G Pro 2 is a thing, and that its a thing we'll be seeing soon, but now it looks like we're likely seeing it next week. Invitations to an event at the LG Twin Towers in Seoul on February 13 have started going out to local press. While the invite doesn't hint at much with the message "Knock-knock knockin' on" and an image of footsteps the only visual aids. But given the time frame, we'd take a punt on it being the new G Pro 2.

Of course, in Europe later this month the worlds press and smartphone makers will be hitting up Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This may have been a more obvious spot to introduce the G Pro 2, but then LG isn't always conventional in how it announces new devices and we shouldn't be totally surprised at a local debut first. Either way, we'll be expecting to get our own hands on it just over a week later in Spain. 

Source: ZDNet Korea via PhoneArena