We admit it. We're guilty of Droid-fever here at Android Central and haven't paid enough attention to other Android devices that are releasing just as soon. Take LG's first Android device, the LG GW620 Eve, which from the looks of it, is pretty much ready to launch and go head on with the Motorola CLIQ. Sadly, there has been no official word of the LG Eve jumping onto any US carrier, so this particular device might not see the light of day here in the states. If you're interested in learning more about the Eve and it's social network heavy ad campaign, head to their site.

In a separate report, Phandroid just got a tip that the LG Eve will be available to our neighbors to the north on November 3rd. It looks like the LG Eve will be offered for $49 with new 3-year contract on Rogers as early as next week!

Hit the jump to see the promo ads for the LG GW620 Eve!


thanks Yannick for the tip!