LG G6 expected to launch in Korea March 9, U.S. to follow April 7

We are merely a few weeks away from the official launch of the LG G6 at MWC 2017, and now, on top of the latest hardware leaks, we're getting more information about the launch. According to well-known leaker Evan Blass over at Venturebeat, the G6 will launch to consumers quickly after its February 26 launch — at least, in South Korea.

Blass claims that the LG G6 will hit South Korean retailers just over a week after launch, on March 9. The launch elsewhere is unfortunately a bit later — April 7 in the U.S.

That move back to an April release in the U.S. could prove to be a pivotal decision, as that will start to approach the time that rumors say Samsung will launch the Galaxy S8. All expectations are that the G6 would still hit stores before Samsung's latest flagship, but it would surely benefit LG to get as much time separation as possible to try and capture some sales.

We'll see all LG has to show off at MWC 2017 with its launch announcement on February 26, which kicks off at 6 a.m. ET.

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  • If some of the current S8 Design leaks are true, LG may be able to steal some away this time around.
  • Would love this device. I bought the G5 back in december, so I'll probably stick with it till next December. The v30 will be in my cross hairs then.
  • Smart move by LG. Need to get this phone is the hands of people prior that might consider moving to Samsung products. Just from the sound of what they are doing makes me think this will truly be on of LG's best phones made. Look forward tp purchasing it as well.
  • April? Does that undercut Samsung's window at all?
  • Not by much. LG still can't get it right.
  • Well, this certainly makes me give another look at the Mate 9. I was hoping for a much earlier US launch. We'll see what they say in February.
  • Perfect for me. I'll get to directly compare the G6 vs S8 vs Mate 9 and then make a decision.
  • When is Samsung releasing the S8?
  • The rumors point to April 21st
  • April 21st is the expected date. Just as I said they would do the other day, Lg is throwing away most of their window of opportunity to get in front of Samsung. There have also been reports that Lg will be sticking with 4 Gb of RAM. What is Lg going to do to compliment this? Stick with a small 3000mah battery or so to go along with the large screen? C'mon Lg, you can do better than that. It's a beautiful phone.
  • I want the new Apple Galaxy G6!
  • Where you heard that from?
  • Same place as the new HTC Xperia note 7XL .... Kidding man!! No such things as these phones!!!
  • I really wished that they hadn't messed up the momentum for the V20. The launch time was messed up and about the only thing that saved it from being completely ignored was the Note 7's demise, so the quicker that LG can get the phone in the hands of us consumers to steal some of Samsung's thunder, the better. At least this time around they're not doing mods.
  • Well that's already a fail. It'll only be two weeks or so from that date that the S8 will be available. Nobody will want the G6 knowing the S8 is just a couple of weeks away.
  • God forbid people actually prefer LG over Samsung. Or like other options besides Galaxies, Edges and Notes.
  • So, lg always manages to screw up something or the other, just when I thought they finally nailed it in design. their only saving grace here is that the Galaxy S8 hasn't managed to be all that it was cranked up to be also, judging from the leaks, so lg might still have a chance. infact, I dare say that if Samsung didn't hoard the SD835 then LG would have gone toe to toe with Samsung without any fear whatsoever tbh and Samsung knew this.
  • It would take a lot for LG to ever go toe to toe with Samsung on any flagship device. The device itself might be arguably every bit as good as Samsung's offering, but it'll take some big, consistent improvements for LG to get the same attention Samsung gets from the market.
  • btw the S8 underwhelming as well, it has no IR blaster, no FM radio, no stereo speaker, no dual camera, no 6gig Ram, no 4k screen, useless fps placement, small battery, bloody expensive, no significant camera improvement, so not all hope is lost for LG.
  • Doesn't matter. Once folks are ready to upgrade, the galaxies will sell on name and hype alone. LG really needs to stand out.
  • Well, you have a point there tbh similar to the iphone. Meanwhile, I'm having a gut feeling LG pushed back the release in the US because it'll probably come equipped with the SD 835 at that time. Well, just a theory though.
  • For the record, I'm leaning towards the G6 this time around. Still looks like a game changer for LG, despite the 821
  • Nah, probably just couldn't get their supply line in order to supply both Korea and the US. There's no way it's coming with the SD835. it's still shipping before the S8. Wishful thinking on your part.
  • Who the F*$% needs 4K on a 5.5 - 5.7 inch screen? 2K is plenty.
  • That phone is a little on the thick side. Love LG but I'm going to have to pass.
  • S8 releasing on April 21st and G6 on April 7th. God help LG unless it's priced around $500.
  • I really like the LG's approach of dual camera, much better than anyone else. However the battery and bootloop problem is keeping me from buying from them again until they got it right.
  • Indeed.
  • G series is cool and all, but I've shifted to the V series.....the audio and secondary screen is worth the switch alone.....hopefully the V line keeps removable batteries, and keep the more industrial design
  • I'm curious to know how this is an improvement on the V20 at all? Seems like a pointless upgrade.
  • The LG will have about a day of fan fair . And that's it after that it'll be all about the gs8 . Mark my words,I sooo miss the eye scanner on the note 7 and the plus will do the trick
  • I am not disappointed in the slightest about this news, and there most likely will be angry comments coming concerning this decision and also concerning this stupid argument about using the SD821 instead of the SD835. We need to understand something, the unfortunate reality is whether LG launches the G6 early or later, it will still get overshadowed by Samsung's Products, and it sucks, it really sucks. People will automatically gravitate towards Samsung's product, because of 1. Brand Loyalty 2. Marketing There's alot to blame concerning the estate of each OEM (besides Samsung and Apple) and I'm talking specifically about the products that are available in the US. Some people may get upset for what I'm about to say but the blame for me goes towards 1. The Media (Tech Bloggers/Vloggers included) 2. Mobile Carriers not equally pushing all the oem's product at the level of Samsung and Apple's Products, you go into either a AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint Store, what is the first thing that is thrown in our faces? Samsung flyers, Apple flyers, their display section dwarfs others. Also every time a Carrier is on the TV or the Radio, it mentions Samsung or Apple. 3. Upon Mobile Carriers not equally pushing all OEM'S products, you have the employees who lie to the customers saying that this Samsung/Apple Device is the best device ever, no other one matters (now I know that it effects your commission positively, but it still isn't right). 4. LG takes some blame, sure they may not have the advertising revenue at the level of Samsung, but they still could've marketed their past products better, not using stupid internet memes like Damn Daniel, or a Epic Bottle Flip, and not using a million Jason Stathams, those ads didn't really showcase their device, they didn't really handle the LG G4 bootloop situation well either unfortunately. 5. Us, Me, You, we have to be held accountable as well, granted the LG G4 bootloop was awful, I was a victim of the bootloop, and ever since that happen the grudge is still there, every time a new device from LG is ready to be released I see this comment alot in the section. There also seems to be a double standard I noticed concerning Samsung and LG, the Galaxy Note 7 situation was dangerous. Samsung did well to take it off the shelves (the second time, the first time was sloppy) and apologized to the public (let's be honest though, like any corporation, they really did that to save their own backsides and keep away from any lawsuits). LG chose another outlet to solve the bootloop issue by giving users a free replacement(still executed sloppy though) LG messed up with the G4 bootloop, I see no second chance given. Samsung messed up with the Galaxy Note 7 battery issue, they are still given a chance, I don't think that's right that LG gets knocked off but Samsung (an already dominating OEM) still gets another shot. Alot of us don't think for ourselves either, we put in our minds to let the Tech Bloggers/Vloggers decide what device to go for, instead of us going out there to test and see for ourselves. Just because one experience goes well with that user, doesn't mean it will fare the same with Us, Me, You. I Hope LG is serious this time and goes all the way in reliability, Advertising(smartly), and reasonable pricing (honestly no phone should be 750-950 expensive). If you reached this statement here, Congratulations, you're at the end of my Thoughts.😊
  • I think the part about second chances is a little off. Way more people experienced the bootlooping issue is my guess. Yeah the Note 7 situation was unfortunate, but very few people actually experienced the negative outcome. That's really saying something considering how many were sold. You have people holding onto it despite the danger. Until LG can make a device that inspires this type of loyalty, they'll never catch Samsung.
  • Unfortunately even if LG (or any OEM for that matter besides Samsung) inspires that type of loyalty where some folks are keeping a potentially dangerous phone, Samsung will always stay on top, because of their name. :(
  • Well said bro, well said. some of the reasons I love lg is 1, the out of this world manual camera/video mode, their it blasters, the fact that they remain the only flagship OEM still retaining the FM Radio, their cameras, and their Audio, however what I absolutely hate about the lg phones is the UI. Gosh, it's just so untasteful, something Samsung has finally got right (at least the aesthetic side of things though).. That said this phone looks extremely promising (on looks alone) but I've yet to hear of any stand out features tbh, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  • It's all about that edge to edge most of my friends are already taking about it . Here's the thing you know Sammy will bring something new . It's like opening a Christmas gift
  • I'm rooting for every company that isn't Samsung or Apple, simply because those 2 companies NEED competition.
  • @chaosphere1983
  • I think they're mostly competing with each other. These other companies really aren't competition to the big two.
  • Not right now, but things can change; you just never know. Unlikely, but still.
  • I feel like LG is screwing up. They need every day they can get without the S8 out yet they are only releasing 2 weeks before. They just don't learn.
  • This isn't new, though. LG usually launches the device in their home market way earlier than the rest of the world.
  • Looks just like the G5 minus the mods. At least it'll have the latest and greatest chip available in it 🤔🤐
  • All the comments about LG waiting to late and being to close to Samsung really crack me up, because everybody making those comments have already made up their mind on if they are getting either.
  • Nothing like a staggered launch to dilute any enthusiasm there might be for a device.