LG G4 gets torn down by iFixit

We have been admiring the beauty that is the LG G4 from the outside for a bit already, and the iFixit team is now ready to show us what the inside looks like. Beyond just a normal teardown, the team went ahead and put the components under an X-ray as well. One of the standout features of the phone is the camera, not only the rear camera but also the front one. The rear facing camera proves to be quite complex, with a nice casing protecting it and a chip below it.

Most of the components are easily replaced, with several of them having spring contacts that hold them in place. The only downside to repair that was found was that the panel and front glass are fused together, meaning both will have to be replaced at the same time. Take a look at all of the internals of the LG G4 at the link below.

Source: iFixit

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