LG G3 Stylus

Could this stylus-equipped G3 be LG's Galaxy Note 4 competitor?

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 due to arrive within the next month, it appears LG is preparing its own stylus-equipped handset to challenge its local rival. The image above is taken from an official LG promotional video for the LG G3 Beat; at the end of that trailer there's an unfamiliar pen-toting handset shown alongside the two devices we already know.

As the name suggests, the G3 Stylus features its own built-in stylus, which docks into the device like Samsung's S Pen; besides that it's a spitting image of the G3 we've been getting to know for a couple of months now. Eagle-eyed readers may notice a couple of changes to the back of the device, though. The video shows the G3 Stylus without laser autofocus and with only a single LED flash, suggesting its camera capabilities might not be quite as advanced. As for the stylus itself, it has the look of a traditional capacitive pen as opposed to the Wacom-based pointers used by Samsung.

There's no indication as to when the G3 Stylus will be officially unveiled, nor which markets it's headed to. However LG will surely be aware of Samsung's expected timetable for the Galaxy Note 4.

Source: LG Global Mobile on YouTube via: Techorz; Thanks, Alfred!