T-Mobile's already announced that its version of the LG G3 will be in stores on July 16, and today it goes up for preorder. It'll run you $598 off contract.

The G3, as you'll recall, quickly became one of the hottest phones of the year, being the first smartphone with a QHD display at a squint-inducing 2560x1440 resolution, spread out over 5.5 inches diagonally. The phone also sports the signature rear buttons, is powered by a Snapdragon 801 processor and sports a 13MP camera that's one of the better shooters available today.

Here's how our own Alex Dobie summed up the G3 in our official review:

The G3 is a fantastic Android phone for anyone, but its strengths make it a really great fit for smartphone enthusiasts — those who want the biggest screen, the highest-resolution display, and relatively niche features like wireless charging and a removable battery. It's not as outwardly alluring as many high-end rivals — and certainly not as refined as this year's high water mark for smartphone design, the HTC One M8 — but you can't argue with the hardware or the way LG's packaged it all together. This is a beast of a phone, one we can highly recommend.

Just a few more weeks to wait, folks.

Pre-order from T-Mobile

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