And here we have what probably is our first real look at what's believed to be the hardware for the upcoming LG G3, as seen in a leak to GSM Arena. Unsurprisingly, the volume and power buttons remain on the back, just below the camera lens. (Hey, LG wasn't named "most innovative device manufacturer of the year" for nothing.) Interesting, though, is the sensor to the left of the lens. Possible that it's some sort of secondary camera, much like what HTC is doing in the HTC One M8? Or is it a speaker? We'll see.

The notes to the side don't show anything overly surprising, either. You see listed 16- and 32-gigabyte storage models, and what probably is RAM count. Plus, there's mention of optical image stabilization, which LG's long been a fan of.

Previous rumored for the G3 is a ridiculously high-resolution 2560x1440 display, and we've gotten a look at what appears to be a flatter user interface.

Source: GSM Arena