LG G3 to have a metal finish back, removable battery

Another day, another leak of the LG G3 — this time we're seeing a metal finish back and a removable battery, courtesy of Evleaks. We've seen a lot about the LG G3 over the past few weeks, though not so much of what's inside. Turns out there's a removable battery on the inside, which is a change up from the sealed battery of the LG G2 but dead on with that leak we provided last week. Additionally, it looks like the G3's pop-off back panel will have a metal finish to it, though it's possible it will be more of a looks-like-metal-but-really-is-plastic effect as LG was able to achieve with the LG G Flex.

Looking back at the previous leaks we can see traces of that brushed metal look on the white LG G3 that we've seen before. We didn't think much of it then, but it looks like the G3 is going to take a more textured route than its predecessor. Whether that means it will be less glossy than before, and maybe more grippy than perhaps the HTC One M8, we won't know until we get our hands on one.

Unlike the HTC One M8, however, is that removable back. That's more something from the playbook of the Samsung Galaxy S5, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

A more premium-looking (if not feeling, we're not sure) back and a removable battery — what do you think?

Source: Evleaks

Update from Phil: Dan Bader may well be right here: