Lg G2

We told you a couple weeks back that the LG G2 was going to hit the US carrier scene sometime in the middle of September, and today those same carriers have started sending out press releases with dates and pricing.

First we heard from T-Mobile, who will be offering both the black and the white models for pre-orders starting today, with a delivery date of September 18. It's going to cost you $99 down, with 24 payments of $21 monthly (or $629 up front) and will work on any of T-Mobiles non-contract plans. The white model is available only online. The pre-order page is live and you can find it here.

Update: We just heard from someone "on the inside" that the G2 will be available for sale in T-Mobile stores starting September 9, but advertising doesn't start until September 25. You might want to ask to see if your store has one for sale next week.

Next up is Verizon, who will be offering the G2 starting September 12 for $199 with a new customer agreement. Color selection and full off-contract price were not given by Big Red, but we expect both choices will be available and you'll be forking over about $600, just like the rest of the carrier models.

Many of us are looking forward to that Snapdragon 800 CPU and rich "Hi-Fi" audio from the G2. It looks like we won't have very long to wait.

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