LG G Flex 2

Launched in LG's native South Korea a last month, the LG G Flex 2 makes its American debut today on Sprint, in a unique "volcano red" color option that'll be exclusive to the carrier. LG's latest attempt at a bendable smartphone brings a Snapdragon 810 processor to the table, along with a 1080p P-OLED display and a 13-megapixel OIS+ camera with laser autofocus. Similar to the last G Flex, it boasts a back panel with LG's self-healing tech, designed to help it recover from light scratches.

Overall it's a decent phone, but also a bit of a mixed bag. Here's what we said in our review:

So should you buy the LG G Flex 2? That depends on how much value you're going to get out of the features that make it really unique. For us, though, LG's second-generation flexible phone remains a technical showcase more than a true competitor in the high-end space.

The phone can be had for $504 outright or for $21 per month on a monthly installment plan. You can check out our full review here before test-driving the device in-store, or you can order one online here.

So, have the recent announcements of flagships like the HTC One M9 or the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge drawn you away from the G Flex 2? Or does that flexible, healing back and that passionate red color set your heart ablaze?

Source: Sprint