LG Chromebase

The LG Chromebase, the all-in-one Chrome OS PC, is now available for purchase for $349.99, or for even less at some online retailers such as Amazon and Newegg.

The Chromebase, the first such all-in-one PC to run Google's PC operating system, was first revealed in December and was later shown off at CES 2014. The PC has a 21.5 inch display with a resolution of 1920x1080. Inside, there's an Intel Celeron dual-core processor running at 1.4 GHz, along with 2GB of RAM and a 16GB SSD for storage. The LG Chromebase also comes with a keyboard and mouse, and the PC has three USB 2.0 ports, one USB 3.0 port, an HDMI port and an Ethernet port.

While the regular suggested retail price for the LG Chromebase is $349.99, Amazon and Newegg are currently selling it for $329.99. People who buy it can also get 100GB of free Google Drive storage for two years, along with two free months of the Google Play Music streaming service.

What do you think of the LG Chromebase and does its low price make it a more interesting choice for an all-in-one PC?

Source: LG

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