Honestly, Android has grown so large that we're a little past the point of purely speculating what the next great Android phone will be. There's so many awesome Android devices currently available, on the horizon, or in the future that it's almost silly to report on an Android phone that has no leaked pictures or confirmed specs. But this one's special: the LG C710 Aloha is purported to be as good as the best Android phones now with one twist: it has a full QWERTY keyboard.

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The LG C710 is said to rock a 800x480 screen (same as the EVO) and pack your typical connectivity options but adds 802.11n. LG has previously built low-end Android devices but if this Aloha device is real, well, welcome to the big boys club LG. Combining that screen with wireless-n and a full QWERTY keyboard? Even if it's ugly, that's still an awesome phone. We can't wait to say hello. [tweakers]