Prime choice

Echo Show 5

Amazon Echo Show 5 charcoal official render

More basic option

Lenovo Smart Clock

Lenovo Smart Clock official render

In addition to functioning as a clock you can use the Echo Show 5 to watch videos, participate in video phone calls, surf the internet, check the weather, control your smart home devices, and much more. Considering how little you pay for it and how many convenient features it has, this handy 5-inch display is a great option for any room in your home.

$90 at Amazon


  • Inexpensive
  • Plays videos
  • HD camera with camera cover
  • Works with more smart devices
  • Sunrise alarm
  • Larger screen


  • Doesn't look as nice
  • Defaults to training the AI with your recordings

This 4-inch smart display functions as an alarm clock, but also allows you to check your commute, play music, look up the weather, consult your calendar, or even control smart home devices. It doesn't offer as many functions as the Echo Show 5, but it's good at what it does.

$80 at Best Buy


  • Inexpensive
  • Looks good
  • Sunrise alarm
  • Light sensor


  • No camera
  • Smaller screen
  • Doesn't play videos

At first glance these two devices look pretty similar, but they operate very differently. The Lenovo Smart Clock's main focus is just being an alarm clock whereas the Echo Show 5 is a varied instrument. While both are excellent, we highly recommend the Echo Show 5 since it gives you far more convenience for just $10 more.

The specs

Echo Show 5 Lenovo Smart Clock
Price $90 $80
Screen 5.5 inches 4 inches
Resolution 960 x 480 pixels 800 x 480 pixels
Speaker 4-Watt 3-Watt
Camera 1MP None
Unit Size 5.8 x 3.4 x 2.9 inches 4.48 x 2.9 x 3.1 inches
Built-in Camera Shutter x
Colors 2 1

The differences

Lenovo Smart ClockSource: Android CentralPictured: The Lenovo Smart Clock.

Price isn't much of a factor in your purchase decision here since the devices are only $10 apart. However, you'll get far more out of your money by getting the Echo Show 5. In addition to offering alarm clock functions, it includes several extra features that the Lenovo Smart Clock doesn't have. Our thinking is, if you're going to dish out this much money to begin with, you should get the thing that gives you more bang for your buck.

There are quite a few other differences as well that you'll want to know about.

Alarm clock

Both devices allow you to set alarm times by using the interface or by giving voice commands. The sunrise alarm feature on either device helps ease you into consciousness by gradually brightening the screen as your alarm goes off. There are several clock interface options for either device so you can choose the design you like best.

To help you sleep better, you'll be able to control how dim either display gets, so you aren't bombarded with light in the dark. Something we especially like is that on either device, alarms can be turned off by voice command or by tapping the top of the unit.

Camera and privacy

Echo Show 5Source: Android CentralThe mute switch and shutter on the top of the Echo Show 5.

The Echo Show 5 has a camera with a built-in shutter that slides over the lens, while the Lenovo Smart Clock doesn't have a camera at all. Whether or not this is a pro or a con will really depend on your personal preferences. Some people really don't like the idea of having a camera in their bedroom even if it's possible to cover it up. However, if you're the kind of person who plans on making video calls on the device, you'll want the Echo Show 5. For additional privacy, both devices give you the ability to turn off the microphone.

Smart home controls

Both the Echo Show 5 and the Lenovo Smart Clock can control smart home devices either by using the screen or by giving vocal commands to their respective smart home assistants. Both smart displays can turn off the lights, check camera feeds, or change the thermostat temperature on compatible devices.

Since Amazon Alexa works with more smart home devices than Google Assistant the Echo Show 5 might be a better buy in this regard. However, it really depends on the smart home devices you have set up in your home.


Good Omens on the Echo Show 5Source: Android CentralPictured: Echo Show 5.

The Lenovo Smart Clock doesn't allow you to watch shows as it opts for calmer activities that won't keep you up when you should be sleeping. In contrast, Echo Show 5 gives you the ability seek out entertainment or watch the news if you desire it. It accesses Prime Video directly from an app, or you can get to Netflix or Youtube using the included web browser, Silk.

Music and sound

The sound quality of either display should be good enough for listening to music in your bedroom, but these weren't designed to blast music at a party. The Echo Show 5 has a 4W speaker, which isn't that different from the Lenovo Smart Clock's 3W speaker. Overall, the experience will be about the same, but with slightly better performance on Amazon's device.

Screen size and resolution

The screen on the Echo Show 5 is an inch larger than the Lenovo Smart Clock's display, which isn't much, but might feel like a big difference when you're interacting with the unit. In either case, the screens are the same size as most smartphones. Since they're so small neither device has a large footprint and can easily be placed on your bedside table without taking up a lot of room.

Resolution is about the same on each, but viewing most things will be easier on the Echo Show 5 because you do get that extra inch of screen.


It's kind of hard to tell from pictures, but the Lenovo Smart Clock definitely has a nicer design. The fabric covering makes it look more like a decorative piece that can fit in with your home decor. The Echo Show 5 doesn't look bad, but between the two it has a more rigid look that isn't as pleasant. The Echo Show 5 is available in a dark design and a light one so you can choose whichever looks best in your home. The Lenovo Smart Clock only has one color option.

In the end

These are both quality smart alarm clock displays that are perfect for the bedroom. If you're looking for more functionality then you'll definitely want to get the Echo Show 5 . Its abilities make it a good choice for any room in your home. Alexa works with a wider range of smart home devices and also allows you to stream videos. The Lenovo Smart Clock is more of a dedicated clock with some smart home functions, so it doesn't offer as many conveniences in other areas.

Considering that the two devices are only $10 apart, however, you should consider picking up the Echo Show 5. You get way more bang for your buck.

Prime choice

Amazon Echo Show 5 charcoal official render

Echo Show 5

An affordable smart display

This is one of the least expensive smart displays on the market. In addition to being able to turn the microphone and front-facing camera off with the press of a button, it features a built-in camera cover for more privacy. Use it to surf the internet, make purchases on Amazon, monitor security cameras, and more.

More basic option

Lenovo Smart Clock official render

Lenovo Smart Clock

A dedicated alarm clock with perky

This 4-inch display is small and compact making it the perfect device for your bedside table. Use it to check your calendar, look up the weather, listen to music, or check your commute. You can control the screen brightness to find a setting that works best for you while you sleep.

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