Lenovo LePhone Set To Release in May in China

Hey hey! Even though Google and China are having a little standoff, with Google even going as far as delaying 2 Android phones in China, it looks like the Lenovo LePhone will carry on business as usual. It's set to release in May of this year on China Mobile, China Telecom, & China Unicom--by our count, that's going to be a lot of potential users.

If you need a refresher, the Lenovo LePhone packs a 3.7 inch 480x800 touchscreen, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, and a 3MP camera. The picture above shows the potentially maddening optional keyboard but it seems like the LePhone might actually be an attractive device. Worldwide releases will follow the China launch later in the year so we'll see if Lenovo can do some damage in the smartphone space.

[via engadget]

Casey Chan
  • This has got to be the coolest and most revolutionary phone concept in years... Here's hoping it works and finds is way to the UK!
  • That actually looks pretty cool....I mean, people dealt with a spacebar at the bottom left(UGH ENV2), this might be usable...I personally start with my thumbs at the center on any cellphone keyboard, so it could work.