Lego Minifigures Online lets you battle across classic Lego worlds with your firends

If you consider yourself a big Lego fan, you might want to check out the latest Lego game to grace Android devices. Lego Minifigures Online is a online game that lets players form teams made of their favorite minifigures to battle across different classic Lego worlds, either alone or with friends.

Here's a breakdown of what you can expect from Lego Minifigures Online:

  • An online game for LEGO fans of all ages; play together with your friends and thousands of other LEGO fans from all over the world!
  • Play together across platforms; play on an iPhone with your dad on a high-powered PC, and switch freely between PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android!
  • Collect more than 100 Minifigures and build your own team -- Minifigures have their own unique personalities and awesome powers!
  • Explore classic LEGO worlds, from pirate islands to alien planets, and discover their unique stories and gameplay!
  • Smash all sorts of enemies, from dragons to sea monsters, to minotaurs and aliens, and gain experience to make your Minifigures even more powerful!
  • Use the codes found inside real Minifigures collectible bags to unlock and play with Minifigures in-game!

The game is available now for $4.99 on Google Play. For your money, you'll snag the Pirate World, while additional world will become available for purchase later this summer. As a bonus, the game is available on a number of other platforms, including Mac, PC, and iOS, and you'll be able to take your characters with you across the different platforms. One final thing to note is that, unfortunately, the game is only supported for Android on select Intel x86-based tablets, but more devices should be supported in the future.

Source: Lego