LeEco has just started rolling out a software update to its 4K TVs that includes the DirecTV Now app, and it's sweetening the deal by also offering three months of the subscription for free. The new software update brings the streaming service directly to LeEco's range of TVs, including the X43 Pro, X55, X65 and the massive uMax85.

LeEco TV

From LeEco:

To initiate the software update, users simply power on their LeEco TV and connect to the internet, and a software update alert will appear with the option to update. The software can also be manually updated from the TV's home screen by navigating to the System Update app.

Once the download is complete, DIRECTV NOW will appear in the Apps section on the TV's home screen. DIRECTV NOW customers simply sign in with their DIRECTV NOW account and enjoy TV programs and more. Customers who have not activated DIRECTV NOW can visit directvnow.com to activate the service.

Now of course the DirecTV Now app is available all sorts of places, but there's a certain synergy about having it installed right on the TV you're already using that can make it more desirable than an app on a box or your phone. After your free months of service end the DirecTV Now service has a few tiers starting at $35 per month — but at least you'll be able to take a while longer to find out of its right for you when you have a LeEco TV.

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If you're not interested in DirecTV Now, you'll still want to download the latest software to your LeEco set as it also improves system stability and merges the "Live" and "Le" apps into one place to find content. You'll be prompted for the update shortly so long as your LeEco TV is connected to the internet.

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