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Latest Galaxy Note 4 teasers show the creative power of S Pen

Ahead of its Galaxy Note 4 unveiling event next week in Germany, Samsung has posted a few short teaser videos showing the creative power of the Galaxy Note series. The videos show how artists and creative types use the S Pen on the go, with one artist going as far as saying the Note has allowed her to replace her computer.

We're re-posting the latest four videos in the series below so you can check out how Samsung is recruiting Note devotees to talk about the large phone.

What do you think of the Note series? Are you excited for the Galaxy Note 4 to debut?

  • The S pen is creative, yes. But is it useful? Not so much. This is coming from a former Note 2 and Note 3 user.
  • To each their own. It's indispensable to me! Use it all the time on my Note 2! Sometimes just to keep crud off the screen because my hands are dirty. :D
  • Same here, I honestly don't think I'll be able to move away from the note line because of this. I recently bought the Note Pro because I missed the pen when using my old tablet. Love it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • All depends on the user. For some people it is indispensable. Some it adds nothing to the smartphone experience. All about how you use phone/tablet. ಠ益ಠ
  • As usual joe, +1
  • Thank you, Captain Obvious ;-) Posted via Android Central App
  • Yep, I use mine to constantly hot down notes in meetings and create lists. Love my note 3! Posted via Android Central App
  • Right now I have scenario in my mind. There's a stage, a disco ball, and people standing against the wall being socially awkward. Then the music hits and some guy that sounds like Barry White says into the mic.. "Welcome to the troll train baby! We got all your trolling needs because tonight! We're talking about the Samsung indeed! Let's talk about how we're not upgrading from our Note 3s and we're all about Nexus and HTC! It's the troll train baby! Awwww Yeah!"
  • +3 I hit the comment icon expecting the same. We are just early. Post it, and they will come. Popcorn prepped!
  • I'm waiting for the GOLD STANDARD of posts.
  • R.Y.? It's like trailers at the movies!
  • After watching these, I have realized that I, imo, am to normal for the spen....
  • Yeah, these ads are TERRIBLE. I'm a Note 2 and 3 owner and if I wasn't already in love with the line these ads would make me avoid it. "You can use the crystals inside for healing"? Wtf? Where did they find these idiots?
  • The Samsung Galaxy Note remains one of the most advanced smartphones on the market, despite increasingly impressive competition. Considered by many as a smartphone/hybrid tablet, there are plenty of high end specs to keep technology enthusiasts happy, while remaining easy to use thanks to the renowned Android OS.
  • I love the S pen on my note 3, I don't use it as much as the videos show, but it is very useful. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the note 4 and I will be upgrading as soon as it comes out, I have been having dreams about it, I CAN'T WAIT! Posted via Android Central App
  • "This is an easy choice to buy nothing on the market today matches or compare to the galaxy note products period. Nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note products period they are android nothing else matters." -richardyarell1 lol Posted via the Android Central App
  • Love how you made sure to include all of his trademark grammatical errors lol.... He is such a f##king idiot. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm suprised he didn't show up..... i figured he's got notifications going off all over the place whenever a samsung article is posted on any android forum
  • No T-Mobile plug? Posted via Android Central App
  • The pen?????? Who gives a shit about the pen. One of the more useless things on the phone
    Keep the pen and charge me less Take off TouchWiz and then you'll have a much better phone Posted via Android Central App
  • Says one person passing in the wind
  • I think what you meant to say was, I would like a different phone... Posted via the Android Central App
  • I give a shit about the pen. Roommate has the OG note and I had a damn fun time playing on it. And imma stock android kinda guy. If it was a Note 2 or 3 the experience would have been even better. I'm openly critical of Samsung and their ways, but they nailed the Note line. Posted via Android Central App
  • Then go buy another phone. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Stupidest comment of the day. The Note series is so popular because Samsung did NOT listen to you. Posted via Android Central App
  • I agree. While I like the Note phones, I find these ads... Weird. I'm being polite. Posted via Android Central App
  • I agree 100% I've very rarely seen anyone as different as these ads show Posted via Android Central App
  • Want it Posted via the Android Central App
  • Shut up and take my money .... But seriously I want IP67 Posted via Android Central App
  • ^^^^^^^
    This Posted via Android Central App
  • I doubt it will be water resistant, if the leaks are anything to go by. I would have liked that too, considering i live in a country where it rains around 367 days a year a dry year....
  • You know it can be water resistant without flaps right? I just learned it myself so I am really just asking...
  • Yeah, as I said, I really would like it to be that, but I'm not holding my hopes up. The Galaxy Alpha isn't water resistant, as far as I know.
  • Ok I hate to be that guy but am I the only one who noticed that Hans said 367 days out of the year? Did I miss something in school?
  • ....and it gets even worse if you keep reading one more sentence.... :o
  • I don't understand the "dry year" concept which is why I asked am I missing something
  • No worries. I guess it could be because we're in different time zones. Day light saving differences and all that.
  • The sarcasm went right over both of your heads. It rains a shit ton where he is. You're welcome. Posted via Android Central App
  • Seriously? Posted via Android Central App
  • Those commercials are plain awful!
    Samsung is connecting all those people to the Note... They look unprofessional, unorganized (despite claiming the opposite, "due to the Note"...) and just... "weird" to me. Not the product I would go for. And yet, the commercials exactly represent my opinion on Samsung devices. And that's not a compliment.
  • as far as i can see they're intended to target "normal people", not corporations. which i think is probably a clever move considering big business doesn't like to use touch devices these days....
  • If those are normal ppl I must live in a weird area Posted via Android Central App
  • Did you notice the tiny bananas in my comment? Normal people in a marketing "reality". You know 30 second caricatures of random creative people who know what they want. They're not documentaries, you know...
  • I use the S pen for note taking in meetings, as well as for when I'm snowboarding and don't want to take my gloves. I love it.
  • I just wish more apps would incorporate the pen. It's so proprietary. You use it on an amount of apps I can count on one hand. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I wish more apps used the full potential of the pen. Almost any app can still use the pen for touch input. ಠ益ಠ
  • Agreed Posted via Android Central App
  • Microsoft is starting to see the value there.,...the update the other day gave One Note pen input....its coming, very slowly, but it is coming. One of the reasons I LOVE the LG Stylus is because it has the pen as a feature. It doesn't do a damn thing, but it might make app developers think about incorporating it....
  • I totally agree. That pen button is useless with that pie meny that demands 4 step action to jot a note. Why can't Samsung give that button to developers so that they can make it usefull in apps instead. Samsung apps are gimnicky and useless compared to fexs. Evernote and one note. S note is a pathetic app that looks only good on a commercial and in reality none other then basic features is used. Also you can see adobe inventing new technology with ink and slide stylus just so it's possible to develop stylus apps for ipad. Adobe could easily made adobe android tablet but no. Ipad is standard everythig else is treated like weard mutant surrogate. I love GN series as a hardware piece but TouchWiz, s note, and that stylus meny are very clacky. Also physical home button is beveled which is a bad design choice for a device ment for wrist leaning. Posted via Android Central App
  • Please try and use grammar and punctuation to make your comment easier to read. Posted via Android Central App
  • There's an S-Pen setting that launches action memo when you withdraw the pen. Then you only have one action not four to get to memo. Posted via Android Central App
  • Not much of a difference between the note3 and Notes4.
    The Spen has limited capabilities. Posted via Android Central App
  • Please tell me what the differences are. You have some kind of insider info so please share with the class
  • You mean the same Note 4 that hasn't been released yet, right? Posted via Android Central App
  • They've ALL teased the power of the S-PEN. Though I myself have no use for one Posted via...The One
  • I will be getting a Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 as soon as I can. I have apps on my tab that will do most of the things that the S Pen will do, but, and this is a big one, the fine point Wacom pen installed in the tablet where I'm not likely to lose it is something that I'm really looking forward to. Certainly there are things that I could do without on the Samsung, but the exynos (means "alien" in Greek) processors, the 12.2"screen, the Wacom pen, these are all things that I'm looking forward to having. This is especially something I'll be looking forward to using in "Mobilesheets", and "Sketchpad ". Especially the larger screen format is something that would be nearly indispensable. Posted via Android Central App
  • I've had mine for about a week now. LOVE IT! Amazing tablet, I hope you enjoy it as much as I am! Posted via the Android Central App
  • I picked up the Tab S 10.5 not long that the note pro 12.2 is hitting the bargain bin I'm starting to have regrets though lol....but be prepared for some transition animation glitchiness due to the mali-t628 having issues with the 2k resolution Only a few reviewers have complained about it on the 2k display exynos variants....but it kind of bugs the hell out of me Damn I wish I had s pen functionality for it though...
  • It is truly a beautiful piece of hardware. If they gave a bit of tlc to the software and made it less fun and more useful would be nice Posted via Android Central App
  • The upside is that people do...
  • I wish everyone had to go back in time to around 1900s...... E980 Note 2 Killer
  • Feather and ink well?
  • Still have never really needed a pen. No one wants to draw an email or draw a text message. Posted via the Android Central App
  • *write a letter or note* it's an extension of the handwriting humans have been doing for quite some time now. You should look it up. Preferably not from the source that told you to draw emails. Posted via Android Central App
  • Lol what?? Btw, Swype keyboard + s-pen = AMAZING! Back to my original question........ what??? B-) Posted via the Android Central App
  • This shows that you are uninformed. The best way to use the S-pen for notes is to enable the setting for handwriting recognition. My Note 2 automatically switches to handwriting recognition mode when I pull out my pen and tap into any app that accepts text. So, I can write along with my horrible handwriting in Evernote, email, text, etc., and it gets converted into nice normal, editable, and searchable typed text. This is incredibly full of win. You should really inform yourself before you diss a device just because it has an innovative feature.
  • Lol the only thing I use the s pen for is screenshots... I don't think I'll be getting another Note phone. It was my introduction to android and for that I'm grateful, but I'll probably go with a Nexus device next time I think. Posted via Android Central App
  • We welcome you Brother. Any Nexus is a good Nexus. Ignore the one known as No Nexus. He is the unclaimed BlackPhone. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm currently a user of a Galaxy S3. My two year contract is up and my phone is paid for. After falling in love with my Macbook Pro I was waiting/wanting an iPhone 6 but every time I see a well drawn drawing through a Note Phone/Tablet I want to buy one immediately. I sold my 8" tablet recently so a 5.7" or whatever inch Phablet wouldn't be a good idea. I guess I could just go with my plans on getting an iPhone 6 or what not and just get a Galaxy Note Tablet with larger screen space for drawing.
  • Just go for anything android must die!! Imho
  • I was a GN2 & GN3 owner. I got rid of the GN3, because it got boring and I really didn't like the fact that they locked the bootloader. That was the deal breaker for me. I went to the HTC One M8 and never looked back. This is the first phone I have got ,that I liked the stock version better then the custom roms. IMHO HTC has it going on more then the others. Posted via the Android Central App
  • i have a note3 and no my bootloader is not locked. model # N900T on att network so yea it is possible to have note 3 with an unlocked bootloader do your research bro.
  • The note series has become too big to fail! ;-) Posted via Android Central App on my LG G2
  • I'm with sprint and I hope they have an easy pay plan where I get one, I'll even start a new 2 year contract. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I need this note 4 to put me back on top at home! Posted via the Android Central App
  • The s pen is awesome. Hopefully, the Note 4 has some new s pen software. We'll see...
  • Looking forward to the Note 4 but have to say, Samsung adverts are absolutely terrible. Posted via Android Central App
  • Touch Wiz needs a massive overhaul or go completely out of the system. Rest is great of Note 3. Posted via Android Central App
  • As a building development and renovation company staff, we do need the spen daily to complete our task and information sharing. The snote is very useful and powerful tools. We need to sketch a lot of simple and straightforward drawing and forward to the contractor. These make them easier and fast understanding about our ideal and demand.
  • I think these videos are pretty bad. I think the way they've been running the commercials for the S4 and S5 are a better way to go, show that 1 feature off and highlight how it's used and how easy it is to use.
  • Am I the only one who wants Samsung to make a version of the note that replaces the pen with more battery? I know that logistically you would need to completely redesign the internals to make that work but for those of us who don't use the pen, think of the battery life!
  • Since I'm not interested in a phablet yet, I'm more excited about the Galaxy Alpha and hoping there's a high-end version on the horizon. These ads were nice, though; lots of bright, eye-catching colors. Posted via AC App on HTC One
  • I love the Note series. Can't wait to put the Note 4 through the paces! Posted via Android Central App on my Note 3
  • What a bunch of weirdos touting the Note 4!
  • What I really like, like, is how much I, like, like the pen. Sweet Jesus, how annoying she. If that's the demographic they're after, I don't want to be part of it. Oh, here us my embarrassingly caricatured gay friend because us artistic types all have a gay best friend. Give me strength.