Late night poll: Would you use an NFC mobile payment system?

Google Wallet and NFC is a hot topic with a lot of folks.  It seems like a whole lot of people are concerned with the availability of Google Wallet (including yours truly), and we're all curious to learn more about ISIS, but we've no idea how popular either will ultimately be.  Just how many of you guys see yourself using any sort of NFC based mobile payment method?  NFC on phones has been around for a while in many parts of the world, but it never caught on in a big way -- especially in North America.  Of course, it wasn't really very available either, so maybe it never got a fair shake.

So let us know -- if and when NFC ends up on more new Android phones, will you use a mobile payment service?  Let us know in the poll.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Just used Google wallet for the first time and felt so cool! I would definitely use it more!
  • I'm not /averse/ to such a thing, but I have a hard time thinking why I'd use it over just swiping my credit card. It's not like I'm going to stop needing to carry my wallet around anytime soon, and pulling a card out of my pocket isn't any harder than pulling out a phone. In the future, when I don't need cash ever and all my cards, receipts, tickets, et cetera are digitized yeah, I'm totally with it. But as long as I need my wallet anyway NFC payment systems seem superfluous.
  • I'm always grumbling about how fat my wallet gets, and clean it out more often than I care too. Removing the cards from it would be huge to me. And too, it's nice to have a digital receipt.
  • My wallet is nice and tidy. Never have to fish for anything; it's all organized and easy to access. It's totally cool that some people are ready to pounce on NFC payments, I just don't happen to be one of them. For me, at this point- even if it were universally implemented- it's more novelty than convenient. Not that it's /more/ troublesome than a card, it's just not /less/ so.
  • NFC is much more secure than a credit card. Everyone you hand your card to has all the information they need to make charges. Your phone, on the other hand, generates one-time tokens that can't be reused.
  • Here in lies the problem...people don't want to use it b/c it is not the FULL solution, well to get to that, everyone needs to adopt it. If we all start using it, other merchants will follow suit, it will gain traction and become a standard. Kinda the chicken and egg thing.... I want it, I will buy a new SD card ( that has NFC just to use it on my Epic Touch 4G as soon as it hits the streets.
  • What do you need your wallet for besides carrying credit cards and ID?
    I keep a few dollars cash in my wallet, but it's rare that I need cash. I only know of one restaurant that for some reason doesn't accept CC at one of their locations. Other than that, maybe a street vendor doesn't accept CC (but they could with Square or something similar). I would love to ditch the wallet and just carry my phone and the ID card. Hopefully the ID card would disappear eventually too...
  • Simply because pulling your wallet out to get a credit card is so 20th century. I like the look on peoples faces when they think I'm doing something silly and stupid by swiping my phone and yet my payment is accepted. It's magic!
  • It's not "magic" until crApple says it is ;-)
  • NFC isn't that difficult to implement. The problem lies with the vendors who wants a piece of the profit each. And also their (minimum) required commitment in the investments of hardware.
  • Touch and Go is the general idea behind NFC. And its a lot easier than pull, search, pull, swipe, put back, put back, sign. Digitally Easier.
  • I am ALL for NFC mobile payment systems!!! Wal-Mart & 7-11 need to get on board!!! NFC & Mobile DTV are absolute requirements on my next smartphone! ! !
  • are you kidding??? I use mine at both walmart & 7-11 every single week lol It's not the companies, as a's the individual stores that haven't updated to paypass.
  • Not to sound like a snob, but does the average wal-mart and 7-11 customer have a NFC enabled phone?
  • Every 7-ll that I've been in in California has pay&go setup on the registers.
  • I use NFC whenever I can because it is MUCH faster than digging through my backpack to find my wallet. I hate having full pockets and I always know where my phone is. There are vending machines at my campus and at my favorite restaurants. The only disappointing thing I deal with is the occasional non functioning NFC reader. I cant wait for NFC tags and more phones with ICS for sharing.
  • NFC sdcard = Google it and contact them. Tell them to get a move on production. The world of Android is waiting on them.
  • I won't use it until it accepts a visa or american express card.
  • If you sign up for it, you get your free $10 prepaid card which you can use your Visa or AMEX for adding funds to it.
  • Sometimes...
  • Went to mcdonalds. Ordered an iced tea. Told merchant I was paying with my phone. Said to press credit. Merchant: you can't pay with your phone.
    Me: Just do it.
    Merchant presses button. I tap the phone. three seconds later APPROVED.
    Merchant: What the F*&K how did you just pay with your phone. What app is that.
    Me Smugly: not for iPhone get a Galaxy Nexus and i'll be more then happy to show you.
  • i think the proper question is "would you use it and leave your credit card at home?" and the answer to that is probably not... but yes of course i would use it.
  • If it was accepted everywhere credit-cards are, then yes I would.
  • and where the F is the T-Mobile version?????
  • When I go out, I first check I have my GNex, then my wallet second. It would be so cool (and lighter) to be able to just take the phone. Bring on NFC payment! But I live in Germany - technology acceptance is pretty slow here
  • I'm a little skeptical right now, especially since I've never been able to get those cardstar award cards reader programs to work. Scanners just won't read the bar codes on my phone.
  • there's no barcode. It's all done via NFC.
  • I'll use it more when more merchants have it available and when I can link my debit card to it.
  • The way it seems to be implemented (as I understand it) is that they give me a virtual, reloadable, pre-paid credit card to use. That being the case, yes I would use it if I had a phone that supported it. It is nice to go to the ATM and get some set cash for the week for budgeting purposes. Problem is that I switch between dress pants and jeans, so when I have change it is often in my other pants, on my desk, or have fallen out and is now lost under my car seat. I gave up and started to just toss all my change into a bucket at the end of the day. Give me this option and I can do a weekly budget without worrying about change. I did see there is at least one quick widget for turning NFC on and off on the phone too, so I don't see this being bad.
  • Been using it since nexus s...and now galaxy nexus...always
  • I use it daily. PayPass is everywhere!
  • If they ever bring it to my AT&T GS2, sure. We'll see if that ever happens though.
  • you don't have an nfc chip, so you will never have it.
  • That is not true. SGS2 has NFC all SGS2's do.(Might not be enabled with stock ROM though.) I have a AT&T SGS2 with custom ROM and NFC works perfect. I can read my own credit card.
  • At the moment, I haven't fully committed to NFC only because of the HUGE security flaw in the Wallet app. If I were to lose my phone and not wipe it remotely in time, someone could easily clear the app data and reset my pin. They would have access to my money and have a great time shopping Aside from that, I think its great. The possibilities for managing and budgeting your spending are limitless. It would also come in handy as a back up if I were to ever lose my wallet or debit and credit cards. And it would be the ideal replacement for gift cards. I'm all for it. I say bring it on.
  • You mean like losing your wallet? At least you can password protect your phone but not your wallet...
  • I voted "no," but I honestly don't know for sure. The problem is I mostly buy stuff online anyway, so I mostly only use my cards at the grocery stores or the gas stations and I only have two cards I use. And I always leave my phone in the car when getting gas and most of the time I leave it in the car when I go into the grocery store too. So, it sounds like a cool idea and all, but I'm not sure I would actually use it. It would probably be one of those things I would use for a week or something and then go back to my old ways.
  • I get a kick out of telling the cashier that I am using my Android phone to reprogram the credit card machine to give me my stuff!
  • I love the look on people's faces when they see me wave my phone to pay. Then the inevitable "is that an iPhone?" makes me laugh every time. I always make sure I tell them every time that only android can do that...they always look so disappointed too!! Stupid iOS fanboy retards :/ lol If you want a phone that can actually do what you want it to, why would you get an iPhone??
  • How about a choice of: I'd consider it if I knew it was safe!
  • I think NFC is a great idea, but not enough phones have the feature in the batteries. If I had an NFC-enabled phone, I'd use NFC payment and all of the other goofy stuff all the time.
  • I don't like the already has all my searches/video selection/email/phone/social network info....and now they want my credit card has gotten way to more google for me.....
  • The question wasn't weather you would use Google Wallet. The question was weather you would use NFC. Google Wallet does not have the monopoly on NFC.
  • Yes! And if Verizon would release Google Wallet on the G-nex I would be all the more happy! Cummon Red get your ish together!!!
  • You do know you can load it on your Verizon Nexus without even rooting right?
  • I just did it myself today :)
  • currently use it occasionally, it's pretty nice but using credit card is still more convenient mainly because u don't have to transfer funds first from an account into the Google pre-paid card account. it'll be nice once it becomes a bit more ubiquitous
  • Been wanting Google Wallet. I mean what's the point of including NFC in a phone if you can't use it. Come on AT&T you just accepted it for Nexus users, what about us Galaxy folks?!?!
  • I would use NFC mobile payment for sure! It's the future, stop wasting paper and plastic. Security this concerned that? Common, get real. Touch my phone and it will rock your world with all the security I have loaded. If your concerned about the pros taking advantage of you, well they already are and always will just keep track of your money and call your bank if there is a problem.
    I vote yes for: digital payments, digital books, heck digital clothing.... Now how many trees did we save ?
  • How exactly is NFC suppose to work where you yourself can't directly interact with the payment system such as a restaurant that the waiter takes your credit card while you sit at the table? They would have to have some type of portable device to bring to your table because like hell if I'm handing over my phone to them. Besides I just can't see how useful it would be overall. I always have my wallet on me which contains all my important info (debit/credit cards, drivers license, insurance cards, etc.). The same cannot be said for my phone. Sometimes I leave it at home or sometimes in the car. Wallet > phone. I don't see that changing anytime soon.
  • I was recently in Canada and most of the restaurants I visited the waiter never took your card. They had a mobile processor to swipe your card and even allowed you to add tip on the machine. It was great not worrying about handing my card over. I really wish that would catch in the US.
  • I have seen these mobile devices in South America as well. Would be nice to just bump the phone right at the table and be done with it.
  • Yes the system they use in Canada is quite nice. Once you got used to using it, it worked without a hitch. I always hate that waiting for the credit card to get back period.
  • My phone is too thick to slide through the card reader slot (j/k). I think that once security is not as much of a possible issue, I would start using it. As things move more and more towards digital options, it will definitely be something that will be used at more places.
  • My current phone has a fingerprint scanner. I would love to use NFC on my Atrix. It'd be much more secure than my wallet and credit cards.
  • NFC is trying to solve a problem that I do not have. Credit cards (and occasionally my debit card) work great for me.
  • I was thrilled to read ATT allowing the Wallet to work on GNex knowing my Skyrocket has the capability, just needs to be permissioned on the phone as I understand it? I guess we are just waiting on ICS for the SGH-i727??
  • Something else to consider: credit cards don't require power. Kind of hard to use NFC if your phone is dead from a drained battery.
  • Never and issue here, I charge every night even if I don't need to. Besides the generation of phones will have better battery life.
  • Never an issue for me. I always have a spare battery available somewhere.
  • In your wallet? Right? ;P Are you gonna tell the cashier to wait while you swap batteries and your phone powers up? This is one of many reasons NFC will never be anything but a niche market...
  • I've used Google wallet for a while now on my PC but I've been neglecting it on my phone just because there aren't that many places around where I live that have the nfc technology at the checkout. I already have wallet set up on my phone and will gladly use it if I come across the nfc tech.
  • Looks like it will work where you can use paypass or the like. Anywhere where you can wave your CC/Debit card.
  • I will never use NFC. I stand by the right to anonymous purchasing of goods, and so should everyone else, so don't overuse NFC people, because overdoing it supports the abolishment of physical money.
  • I have used google wallet over 6times at radioshack with my Galaxy Nexus and YES it works great. Definately it is the future...
  • Now that both Visa and MC ues it i think it will really catch on.
    It's already getting big here in Canada, and i love the look on peoples face when i use it