The Last of Us Day 2020 brings a free theme, a board game, new statues and posters

The Last of Us Part 2 Ellie
The Last of Us Part 2 Ellie (Image credit: The Last of Us Part II Release Date trailer)

What you need to know

  • The Last of Us Day 2020 has kicked off a bit early.
  • It was previously known as Outbreak Day but Naughty Dog changed the name for understandable reasons.
  • This year, there's news of a board game, some new statues and a free PS4 theme.

Update, September 26 (12:59 ET): There's now some special Mondo posters and vinyl soundtracks available for purchase.

The Last of Us Day 2020 is here. Formerly known as Outbreak Day, this event is a celebration of the world of The Last of Us that occurs on September 26, the day the Cordyceps infection spread wildly and brought about the collapse of society. For this year, Naughty Dog has kicked things off just a bit early and shared some of what everyone can look forward to.

To start, there's a free PS4 theme to redeem! In addition to this free theme, all avatars and themes for The Last of Us Part 2 are also free to grab until September 28 at 11:59 p.m PT, so if there's any you're missing, be sure to check those out.

There's also some new statues of Ellie that are now up for preorder at GamingHeads. If you're a fan of tabletop gaming, you're in luck as a board game for The Last of Us is on the way. It's being developed by CMON, the same company that made Bloodborne: The Board Game and God of War: The Card Game.

Finally, there's a photo mode contest for The Last of Us Part 2. Winners will receive the Ellie Edition of the game, while runners up will receive a limited edition DualShock 4 themed after the game.

Naughty Dog has shared a fair bit but there's more coming tomorrow as well. We'll be sure to provide an update depending on what else is announced.

Update, September 26 (12:59 pm ET) — Mondo posters and vinyl!

As The Last of Us Day 2020 has now officially kicked off, there's new Mondo posters and vinyl soundtracks to grab. There's also special-themed gifs to download and more.

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