KT set to launch Nexus One in Korea on June 21 -- with Froyo on board

Look close. There are Nexus Ones in that picture. Now look a little closer (you do see the phones, don't you?) and you'll see the Froyo launcher on those phones.  That's because Korea's number two carrier, KT, is set to launch the Nexus One running Froyo (Android 2.2) on June 21st.  It's the same Nexus One we all know and love hardware wise, and will be limited to 4,000 units for the launch date.  Interestingly enough, the phone will be subsidized by KT ($125 USD on a two-year contract) as well as be sold contract free for $576 USD.  KT has promised that they will have ample stock and the phone will be "readily available" for purchase in retail stores in July.

Does this mean that we can plan on seeing Froyo for the Nexus One this week?  Or that we will be seeing Nexus Ones pop up in T-Mobile retail locations soon?  We don't have the answers, but things are developing in a very interesting way. [Korea Times via Engadget]

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Well at least Google made sure some hot chicks in Korea got Froyo. Now if only they would take care of paying customers....
  • Maybe Froyo is coming out on the 21st?
  • You want the "hot chicks" to take care of paying customers? What kind of girls do you think they are.
  • Lol. 'Now look closer (you do see the phones, don't you?).' Its the humor that makes AC different. Keep it up, guys!
  • How come Android central came to knew about this so late. It's been ages ;)
  • Best present ever after a long day....hotties!
  • Google prefer hotties over the existing users ;)
  • Don't we all?
  • I second that!!
  • Hits stores on Monday in Korea, means it has to be in the box at HTC no later than Friday (shipping, customs, distribution) which means they must have the final build of 2.2 already in hand, and are burning it onto the phones as we speak. Dammit Jim, I'm hungry for FroYo.
  • Hot asian girls, hot build (2.2 that is...) 'nuff said. Now only if they'd come up with some hot girls holding an EVO with 2.2, now that would make my day.
  • Do the phones come with hot young Asian girls?! I would give up my Evo 4G for that deal!
  • I have looked at that picture 3 times I still don't see any phones. I'll look again........ I still don't see the phones. :) lol
  • I think someone has now discovered the new phase in Android marketing. Hot Asian girls + "any" Android phone * Froyo = BLISS Am I wrong here?
  • I was also excited with the possibility of froyo reaching on the 21st, but in fact the Korean carrier is accepting pre-orders on the 21st and will start shipping them sometime in the "early July". The source is the official Korean announcement at http://smartblog.show.co.kr/90. Yeah, I'm disappointed too, as all of us. ps. And yes, this is the second announcement, the first being about two weeks ago, and thus this time the AC was slightly slow...
  • I love hot Korean chicks...oh yeah, and good Android phones ;)
  • Come on Froyo its been way to long!
  • so, for those who are hot enough will get froyo ota soon
  • There are Phones in that picture? I must be going blind -_-'
  • Wow, very happy about Korea getting android. About the girls, those Koreans and Japanese know how to market products and involve the customers! I am afraid I may get way too involved with that long hair cutie in the right :P