console os

A new Kickstarter campaign has begun to raise funds for Console OS, a fork of Android that's designed to run on Intel-based PCs that normally use Windows.

While the idea of running Android on a PC originally designed for Windows is nothing new, the team at Mobile Media Ventures claims their Console OS has been developed so that it works well on all kinds of Intel PCs. It states:

We've worked for the past 18 months to make sure everything from (optional) multi-touch to Miracast works great, and no, you don't need a multi-touch display for Android to be awesome on your PC. We've made the UX multi-touch friendly, and non-touch friendly too.

The developers claim that while Console OS can run on a PC's internal storage drive, it can be used just as well while installed on a USB external hard drive. It will also allow for dual boot options for PCs to run both Console OS and Windows. It will support running two Android apps at once, running side-by-side.

While a version of Console OS will be released for free, Mobile Media Ventures will also sell Console OS Pro, which will normally cost $20 a year and can be installed on all the PCs used by the subscriber. Console OS Pro will include extra features like running Android apps in Windows, remote access from any Android device, more codecs and media playback support, DVR features and lots more.

While Console OS won't have support for Google Play, the developers are working on their own app store, along with the ability to import Google Play purchases. It will also have the Amazon Appstore installed.

The company claims Console OS can be used on 25 Intel Windows PCs at the moment, from OEMs like Lenovo, Dell, Asus and more and are taking votes, via pledges to their Kickstarter campaign, to add more devices. The first version of Console OS Pro is expected to be completed by December. The Kickstarter campaign is currently looking to raise $50,000 in the next 59 days. People who pledge just $10 will be able to get Console OS Pro, along with any future upgrades to the OS, for life.

Source: Console OS on Kickstarter, Console OS webpage