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KFC begins rolling out Android Pay and Samsung Pay support to its restaurants

KFC has announced that it has started accepting mobile payment systems like Android Pay and Samsung Pay at some of its restaurants. Mobile payments will be accepted not only at the counter in KFC locations, but also at drive-thru windows.

From KFC:

Kentucky Fried Chicken® announced today the adoption of mobile pay in U.S. restaurants, allowing customers to pay in seconds for their real meal hand-prepared in every KFC® restaurant. The new system is compatible with Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay and is available in some restaurants beginning now, with system-wide adoption completed by the end of the summer.

The chain, known for its fried chicken, is just the latest company to bring acceptance of NFC payments to its stores, following the likes of McDonald's, Macy's and more.

Accepting mobile payments is just one part of KFC's efforts to modernize its restaurants. Other initiatives include redesigns of KFC locations and employee retraining.

  • If they had a customer accessible card reader,then samsung pay already worked there. Posted via the Android Central App As far as drive thru functionality goes,unless they have a reader they hang out the window,there's no way I'm passing an $800.00 phone through the window to pay for a $5.00 box.
  • the reasonable me knows that wont happen considering the employee is working and probably being recorded. even if not is your job worth a phone? but the unreasonable me completely agrees with you. but as always, paying with your phone is only an option. use it when you see fit.
  • I should have also added an $800.00 dollar phone that is fully unlocked and completely accessible.The physical theft of the phone is actually not my primary concern.Have a good one. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Not to mention the drive through person goes to hand back your phone and whoooops....(sounds of shattered glass)......after it just hit the side of your new car and landed on the pavement....
  • Hence a good reason to not but a phone that costs as much as a laptop
  • Most of their terminals are swipe-slots on the cashier side, IIRC (haven't had KFC in ages), just like most Starbucks. So you can imagine why a lot of cashiers, if not informed by Management or if they don't know about Samsung Pay, wouldn't let you reach behind the counter and try to pay with your phone on their side of the screen. Having an NFC-enabled system means the terminals are now available on the customer side without having to hand your card/phone to the cashier.
  • Very true.I questioned accessibility in my first comment. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yup. And this day and age when ID Theft is big, terminals shouldn't be anywhere but on the customer's side, really. Even at restaurants. Come on, we have mobile terminals now! Cards shouldn't have to be handed out to someone or have them take them somewhere else. But I digress. And with phones, nope, I'm not handing my phone to a waiter or cashier, thank you very much. The only time I tried paying with it at a Starbucks (Samsung Pay had only been released a couple of days prior) and reached behind the screen and it worked, the cashier yelled for his manager to call the police because I had hacked her terminal to pay for coffee. The manager, thankfully, knew about SP so he calmed her down and apologized, but I'd rather not go through that again so I refrain from using my phone if the terminal isn't right there in front of me, even if a stretch of my arm could reach their reader.
  • My local KFC has terminals facing the customer. Already used Samsung Pay and the employee was shocked. Love when that happens.
  • I've already used Samsung Pay multiple times at multiple KFCs.
  • Now, If only they begin rolling out some decent food and service...
  • Haha, exactly what I was thinking! Rather eat at Panera that has healthy food options and is transparent with the ingredients. :)
  • And yet the KFC here had terrific service, while the Panera sold me a raw steak sandwich... I mean cmon the damn thing moo'd at me and the soup ordered with it could've been used to cool down my coffee. The lady pointed to a microwave under the lid dispenser when I complained about both. Guess what? I'd eat KFC over panera anyday. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Panera to me is like Crispers. Expensive. 15 bucks for a BLT, and a small one at that! Sandwhich, soda (coffee in my case), and maybe a small bag of chips = first born, punched buggied by 12 employees, and wet willied with mayonnaise by other customers.....
  • Ladies, how do you like their nailpolish?! Posted via the Android Central App
  • LOL!!! ROFL!! It's a turn on watching a girl LICK her fingers!! Finger lickin' good!!
  • I purposely use Samsung Pay at places where the reader is on the screen just to mess with people. Amazing how many people are totally unaware Posted via the Android Central App
  • Does this mean other companies under PepsiCo's Yum Brands umbrella are going to also start doing this? Cuz while I don't mind Taco Bell's app to order being able to walk in then pay with my phone would be nice for those times a new item is on the mobile menu but not in the store yet.
  • That's cool. Too bad I don't care for KFC.