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If your Android smartphone has a physical keyboard, it also has keyboard shortcuts. And these shortcuts are customizable. The picture on the left is what you see what you press the menu button once, and then press and hold it again. You briefly get a look at the keyboard shortcuts for the top-level menu items. Want to quickly open the notifications area? Hold the menu button and press "n." Menu+p gets you to the settings.

Even better is that you can set new keyboard shortcuts, based off the search button. Go to settings>applications>quick launch, and you can set new shortcuts, or reassign the ones that are already there. (And in the case of the Motorola Droid Pro, remap the quick-launch hardware button on the right-hand side of the device.)

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Keyboard shortcuts


With "If your Android smartphone has a keyboard, it also has keyboard shortcuts." they're talking about a physical keyboard and the Galaxy S doesn't have a physical keyboard and thus this doesn't work for the Galaxy S!!

Instead of doing a search+b to open the browser, you can simply open vlingo by holding the search button and speaking "open browser", etc.

My question is really basic reagarding the keyboard. How do I change to and from capital letters? I would love to have an operating manual with pictures! Thx, Char

Handy tip, but not what I was looking for.

I had acquired a TaoTronics TT-MK003 Bluetooth keyboard (apple format) and paired it to my SGH-i727. I was down to just pressing keys to see what happened. in any text area it of course did the abc's just fine. And a key at the top left with an empty box on it seems to be "Home". With experimentation the arrow keys navigate around.

What I was looking for was a chart of Androidian keys on a iKeyboard.
Thanks for the tip.