Jetpack Compose 1.0 arrives, making Android development easier than ever

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What you need to know

  • Google announced that Jetpack Compose 1.0 is exiting its beta status and is available today.
  • Jetpack Compose was originally introduced at Android Dev Summit 2019.
  • The main purpose behind this new tool makes it easier for developers to create good-looking apps.

After being announced in 2019 and introduced in a Canary build earlier this year, Google has formally announced that Jetpack Compose 1.0 is finally available. This tool aims to help developers build apps faster, taking advantage of "Android's modern native UI."

As detailed by Android Central's Jerry Hildebrand, Jetpack Compose is a tool that not only will "breathe new life into your favorite apps," but also other products using Google's different pieces of software. This includes Chrome OS for the best Chromebooks, Android TV, tablets, and even the best foldable phones.

The problem with many of the best Android apps is that while these can be used on pretty much anything running Android (and Chrome OS), that doesn't mean the apps will look or behave all that great on these various devices. It's for this reason that some of our writers, including Android Central's Michael Hicks, have had a difficult time switching to Android from iOS.

Apple has made great strides in recent years after the announcement of Swift UI. This is Apple's own coding language that makes it easier for developers to create beautiful-looking applications that work across the iPhone, iPad, and now, M1-powered Macs like the new 24-inch iMac.

Jetpack Compose Preview

Source: Android Developers Blog (Image credit: Source: Android Developers Blog)

Alongside today's announcement, Google confirmed that there are "already over 2000 apps in the Play Store using Compose". But the company is also going to work with developers to ease the transition into using this new tool over previous Android development tools.

This might explain why Samsung recently confirmed that it was working with Google "to enrich our foldable ecosystems with popular apps and services." The folding smartphone can be a difficult device to develop and launch applications that can scale to the different screen sizes. As Samsung tries to take foldable phones into the mainstream, working out any potential app compatibility kinks with the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3 will go a long way.

While it's exciting to think about downloading an app and having it look great, regardless of what type of device you're using, there are even more benefits to Jetpack Compose. As Google details:

Powerful layout APIs and code-driven UI make it easy to support different form factors, like tablets and foldables, and Compose support is coming for WearOS, Homescreen Widgets, and more!

Now that Jetpack Compose is officially no longer in beta, Google has published its roadmap for future Compose features. Next up on the docket will be Material You components with Homescreen Widget updates, WearOS support, and "large screen improvements."

With Android 12 entering its final stretch before seeing a final release, now's the time for developers to jump aboard and enjoy an easier development process with Kotlin and Jetpack Compose.

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