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2016 Jerry's Favorite Tech

Everything we do at Android Central revolves around technology. The phones, the accessories, computers and all the cool gear and toys that work with them are our passions. Besides seeing what makes them tick and helping everyone understand so we all can get the most from them, letting you know what we think is the best is an important goal we all share.

If you need an idea or recommendation of what to buy for that tech lover in your life, here are the things I've used throughout 2016 that I think belong on any best-of list!

Google Pixel

The best of Google, from Google. The Pixel and Pixel XL. The Pixel is the perfect way to keep what's on the screen as the focus instead of buttons and settings and extras that so many companies add to the experience. Google's Pixel has the best camera of any phone you can buy, an amazing screen and is in a class by itself when it comes to being responsive. To top it all off, it's the only phone you can buy that's up to date with all the features and security Android has to offer.

From $649 Buy Now


BlackBerry DTEK60

BlackBerry still sells phones, and their latest is one of the best they have ever offered. The DTEK60 might have an odd name, but the powerful processor and attention to detail in the software make it the perfect phone for anyone who is all-in with BlackBerry's HUB and the way your messages seamlessly integrate along with the people who send them. BlackBerry's legacy of security makes it a great option for anyone who needs a phone designed for communication.

$499 Buy Now

ASUS Chromebook Flip

The ASUS Chromebook Flip is not only a great small Chromebook, it is the best Android tablet you can buy today. Everything Chrome has to offer while you're working or playing online or offline is there, along with the ability to run Android apps. The 10-inch size makes it perfect for anyone who is on-the-go often, and the price makes it perfect for anyone's first Chromebook.

$259 Buy Now

Chromecast Audio

Plug it into any pair of speakers on an audio receiver and you can cast your music from most any source using your phone, Chromebook or any computer using the Chrome browser. The Chromecast Audio is easy to use and sounds great.

$35 Buy Now

Google Wifi

Google Wifi is a great wireless router that will meet the needs of most any household, but its real strength is how easy everything is to set up and use. The Google Wifi app walks you though anything you want to do and the process is seamless and painless. Anyone who wants Wi-Fi that just works in their house will love it.

From $129 Buy Now

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi continues to be the go-to product for any budding maker, and the latest version of the kit board is no exception. More powerful than ever, the Raspberry Pi is the perfect introduction to complex ideas like circuit design and programming, and the practical uses make learning both fun and productive.

$39 Buy Now

Storz & Bickel Crafty

The Crafty is the best portable vaporizer for any herbs or concentrates that you can buy. It's easy to fill, has a long-lasting battery and provides excellent integration with any Android or iPhone to adjust your settings through it's own native app.

The Crafty is the perfect size, and it's from the folks who introduced us to the Volcano years ago, so you know the Crafty will last a lifetime.

$339 Buy Now

Acer Chromebook R13

The Acer R13 is a great Chromebook all around. The 13 inch size is the sweet spot for many users, it's well-built and looks great and has the power inside to run everything well. Android apps extend the Chrome software and you'll find your favorite apps and games from Google Play. The moderate price makes the R13 a great way to experience everything a Chromebook has to offer.

$399 Buy Now

Escort Passport 8500X50

Anyone who spends a lot of time on the road can benefit from a radar detector, and the X band, K band and Ka band Escort X50 Black is one of the best available at any price. The features you need like laser detection and auto sensitivity are there, and the X 50 is easy to program and set up.

And at $150, it costs less than the ticket you might get without it.

$150 Buy Now

BeyerDynamic and FiiO portable audio bundle

A set of 250 OHM BeyerDynamic DT880 headphones and a FiiO Mont Blanc DAC make for a great way to listen to high-res audio from any source. This combo is great for folks looking for premium sound from the phone they like to use, as well as the next phone they buy. It's also great for listening to music from your computer or any portable media player.

Matching the right components is key if you want superior audio, and this bundle takes the guesswork out of the picture.

$279 Buy Now

Aukey Mechanical Keyboard

As someone who types for a living, a good keyboard is important to me. I was surprised at how much I liked the Aukey Mechanical Keyboard when I first started using it, but I'm not surprised that I'm still using it every day. It's the best value of any mechanical keyboard I've used, and delivers exactly the click and feedback you expect from "stiff" switches. RGB color changing is pretty cool, too.

$60 Buy Now

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