Super Bowl 2021 will not stream in 4K or HDR like it did in 2020

Screen Shot 2021 01 21 At 6.06.54 Pm
Screen Shot 2021 01 21 At 6.06.54 Pm (Image credit: NFL)

Don't try to adjust your TV or go searching for another stream, the 2021 Super Bowl LV won't be broadcast in 4K or HDR this year. Last year, FOX streamed the Super Bowl in 4K for the first time ever, like it had done for some regular seasons games, but CBS Sports Digital couldn't manage to pull off the feat with COVID-19 protocols in place.

The Super Bowl will kick off at 6:30 PM ET on Sunday, February 7, 2021 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. Despite the game not being broadcast in the highest quality, it will still be shown in 1080p HD and can be streamed in multiple ways. We have outlined all the ways to watch Super Bowl 2021 here.

The season is coming down to Green Bay, Tampa Bay, Kansas City, and Buffalo as it enters its penultimate weekend. That means there's a chance that Tampa Bay Buccaneers would have home field advantage, which is a rare thing for Super Bowl games.

Despite the lack of 4K and HDR, CBS is trying to ease the pain by promising that it will focus on streaming quality and making sure that there is low latency and no dropouts. Having the game in 1080p with a steady stream may be just fine for a season that has been more than a little rocky. COVID-19 outbreaks have threatened to sideline plenty of teams throughout the season, including when Denver was without its top three quarterbacks for a game.

The 4K issue definitely makes FOX look better in hindsight, even though it was just upscaling 1080p video. Hopefully COVID-19 will be long in the rear view mirror when the 2022 Super Bowl rolls around and we can finally get a true 4K and HDR stream to soak in all the on-field action.

Tyler Hayes