Twitter appears to be back after morning outage

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Update, Aug 27 (10:35 a.m. ET): The issue has been fixed

What you need to know

  • Some users are reportedly having problems accessing Twitter.
  • According to DownDetector, Twitter began having problems since 8:45 AM ET.
  • The problems appear to be limited to Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, and Toronto, Ohio.

Having problems with Twitter this morning? You're not alone. According to DownDetector, Twitter started having problems since 8:45 AM ET. While the majority of users claim to be having trouble accessing their Twitter timeline, some users aren't even able to log in to their accounts.

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Source: DownDetector (Image credit: Source: DownDetector)

At the time of writing this story, over 14,000 users have reported problems with Twitter on DownDetector. For now, it looks the issue is limited to users in some parts of the U.S. Reports of issues have mainly come from users in Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis, and Toronto, Ohio. In addition to the Twitter website, the platform's iOS and Android apps also appear to be affected by the issues.

This isn't the first time that Twitter has suffered an outage this year. Just last month, Twitter remained inaccessible for over an hour in several parts of the world. It was hit by a similar worldwide outage in April. Since the latest outage doesn't appear to be quite as widespread, we can hope that the issue will be resolved soon. However, Twitter is yet to acknowledge the issue.

Android Central has reached out to Twitter for further comment.

Update, Aug 27 (10:35 a.m. ET) ― Twitter says it has fixed the issue that caused the morning outage

Twitter has acknowledged that some users had issues loading its website and mobile apps this morning. It also claims to have fixed the issue that caused the outage, so you should be able to resume tweeting.

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