Is it worth trading in the Galaxy Note 8 for the Note 9?

We've said it before and we'll say it again — if you're shopping around for a large Android phone, it's hard to do better than the Galaxy Note 9. The Note 9 is chock full of exciting features, but then again, so is last year's Note 8.

There are a number of trade-in promos that offer a pretty good chunk of money for trading in your Note 8 for the Note 9, and while these offers can be exciting, is it worth handing in a powerful phone that's just a little over a year old?

Here's what the AC forum users have to say.

Note 2,3,4,8 user here and I'm not bothered with the 9 just yet, spent money on the Galaxy Watch instead and will await the price drops we'll see on the Note 9 just before latest iPong hits the shelves... Black Friday... Cyber Monday... X-mas.... Note 9 plus freebies are going to good soon enough that I'm not buying now :-)


I upgraded, clearing just under $400 by selling my Note8, and got the free Duo charger, Dex station, and AKG bluetooth headphones along with the Note9. So in effect, I got all that for $600, and I'm happy with the upgrade at that price. The Note9 is noticeably better.


Definitely an upgrade from a note 8..I shifted from Note 8 to S9+ and now to Note 9...I would upgraded anyway for bigger battery and stereo speakers...but the bluetooth S pen is really handy...even better fps placement is good


I upgraded from a Note8 even though I initially said I wasn't going to lol but all in all I am happy I did. The Note9 is truly the best phone I've had by far - larger memory in comparison to the Note8, larger RAM, slightly bigger screen, and in the color I've always wanted - blue! You won't be disappointed I don't regret moving up to the 9


What do you think? Is it worth trading in the Galaxy Note 8 for the Note 9?

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