Is it a good idea to buy phone insurance?

When buying a new smartphone, most retailers/carriers will give you the option of adding insurance to your new device. Depending on which plan you get and where you're buying your phone at, this can include protection against theft, breaking your phone, and sometimes priority tech support.

This added coverage can be nice to have, but with deductibles sometimes going up to $199 or more, the extra cost that comes with this peace of mind might not be worth it for everyone.

One member of the Android Central forums recently asked if she should get insurance for her new Galaxy S9, and these are a few of the top responses.

There are 2 thinks I would consider. First, what is your comfort level with not having insurance? Second, how well do you generally take care of your phones. In my case, I haven't broken any phones since my first smartphone. So I'm fine with not having insurance. I figure, the money I've saved by not having insurance all this time will easily pay for a replacement.


I've never had insurance. I don't think it makes good financial sense, but if it gives someone peace of mind, or they drop their phones more than usual, it may be worth it to them.


This phone has me nervous bc of the curved screen but I'll usually get insurance at least for the first couple months just in case until I get used to the phone and find the proper protection like screen protector and case or I'll do insurance for like the first 6 months or until I can get the same phone used for about the cost of what fixing them would be after the deductible and fees...I...

Beth Hahn

I was using an Otterbox symmetry case on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and I dropped my phone face down from 4 feet on the cement and damaged my screen!. Due to the fact that I did not have insurance on my phone, the cost out of pocket is $250.00, (through tmobile).. the average cost for repairs are $350.00!!!! this is the first time that I have EVER damaged a phone!...I always use the high end...


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