We're very lucky to have Jerry Hildenbrand as part of Android Central. He's smart, foul-mouthed and oh-so-intelligent, and he's now yours for the questioning.

In partnership with our community team at the Android Central forums, we have launched Ask Jerry, a place to question and converse with the real Most Interesting Man In The World (Dos Equis got nothing on Jerry). The great news is that this is an ongoing project, and Jerry will intermittently show up in the forums for a marathon answer session — we'll let you know when he does — or a quick hello to answer some questions and share some insights!

We've been wanting to do something like this for a long time. Ask AC is a semi-regular column here on the front page, and we're ramping up a video series of the same name (and theme) hosted by our video editor, Alex Dobie.

But from questions like "Would you ever shave your beard?" to "What is the best phone in terms of headphone audio?", Ask Jerry will run the gamut of inquiry. Want to learn a bit more?

Check out Ask Jerry on the Android Central Forums!