The Interview has become 2014's top selling movie on Google Play and YouTube

Less than a week after Sony's much-talked about movie The Interview became available to purchase or rent on the Google Play Store and YouTube, Google has now confirmed that the Seth Rogen-James Franco comedy has become the top selling movie of 2014 for both sites.

A Google spokesperson did not reveal any specific sales numbers to Bloomberg, but Sony confirmed on Sunday that it has generated a total of $15 million in online revenue from The Interview since it became available on Google Play, YouTube, Microsoft's Xbox Video and Sony's own dedicated website on December 24. The movie went live on Apple's iTunes service later on Sunday. Google is offering The Interview for $14.99 to purchase or for $5.99 to rent.

The Interview also received a limited theatrical release at the same time, running on over 300 screens in the US, after plans for a wider release were cancelled due to security concerns. The movie earned $2.84 million from those outlets in its first weekend at the box office.

Source: Bloomberg

John Callaham