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If you're feeling a sense of déjà vu while reading that headline, we can't blame you. Samsung has a history of rolling out bright pink products ahead of Valentine's Day. Recall the pink Galaxy S2 of 2012, and the pink OG Galaxy Note that reared its head around the same time. And a little out of season, but nonetheless relevant, is the Korea-exclusive "Martian pink" Galaxy S3 we saw back in September.

Today they're joined by an all-new rose-tinted rectangle, in the form of the pink Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The pink slab has appeared over on Samsung's Taiwanese site, where it's shown alongside the standard white and grey versions. The exact shade looks a lot like the "Martian pink" of the Galaxy S3, and there's also a matching pink S-Pen, which is nice.

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No word yet on whether Samsung will offer this color option outside of Asia. But pink versions of the S2 and the original Note eventually made it over to Europe, so we'd say the chances are looking pretty good -- even if the same can't be said for the phone itself.

Source: Samsung Taiwan; via: UnwiredView

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