Incipio NGP Case for LG G4

While not designed to fit the fancier leather backs, Incipio's NGP Case wraps perfectly around the plain G4 without adding fugly bulk or busy color combos. Next to traditional skin cases for the LG G4 it holds the torch for durability and slimness.

Not familiar with the term NGP? Don't worry, it's just Incipio's fancy abbreviation for Next Generation Polymer. It's definitely not your $5 throw-away that starts expanding at the sides after a week — it's made to take a bit of a beating when the going gets tough. The stuff is called Flex2O polymer and it's completely stretch and tear resistant. How about fading after prolonged use? Not-uh. Resistant to discoloration as well.

The NGP Case is super-easy to install, malleable enough to wrap and snap into place on the fly. The aforementioned smooth exterior of the case feels great in the hand, still adding grip in its own way. The bezel around the camera and power button is accented, but isn't of a different material from the rest of the case. The edges are clean from top to bottom, but for other devices like the Samsung Galaxy S6, you'd see raised side buttons along the sides for a more accurate, comfortable press.

These cases are also slightly transparent, still showing the back of the LG G4 just enough to notice. You'll find that the lip around the display raises it enough to keep clear of flat tabletops, the same design holding true for the camera on the back. The rest of the cutouts at the top and bottom are perfectly lined up with the ports and speaker.

Final thoughts

For a skin case that's tougher than the norm, Incipio's NGP Case is a great option for protecting the LG G4 from minor impacts. There's plenty of grip to be had, even with its smooth exterior and slim form factor. You can snatch it straight from ShopAndroid right now for $18.95 if it tickles your fancy.

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