It's been a hot minute since Google gave a lot of attention to Inbox, and while that's now changing, it's not for the better. According to reports from multiple users, Inbox's "someday" and "pick place" snooze options are being eliminated.

One of Inbox's selling points is the ability to snooze emails so they disappear from your main inbox for a certain amount of time. Someday would snooze the email until a random date in the future, and while nice to have, wasn't ever that useful.

The biggest stab in the back is the removal of pick place. With this, Inbox allowed you to snooze an email until you got to a certain location. For example, you could snooze an email about your utility bill being due until you got home. This is something I used all the time with Inbox, and it's a real shame to see that it's disappearing.

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One user on the Google Product Forums has since noted that the two features are officially being retired but is asking folks to send feedback in the Inbox app to let Google know that we want them to stick around.

It's also worth noting that these changes are happening no matter which version of Inbox you have, meaning there's no point in reverting to an older build of the app.

It sure looks like Google is about to kill Inbox