Hulu Plus on Android

Previously bound to having a Hulu Plus subscription, Hulu this summer will be opening up their free streams to mobile users. As of right now, if you want to watch something that's streaming on Hulu on your mobile device, you'll need a Hulu Plus account — even if that show is free to stream through a desktop browser. Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins announced today that this summer that will change.

There's not much more we can say beyond that, except that the iPhone app is expected to see a redesign this summer as well. We wouldn't be surprised if the Android and Windows Phone apps also receive a redesign to match. Hulu is also still in negotiations with cable companies about integrating Hulu into their boxes, but there haven't been any signs of progress on that front.

In the meantime, you can download Hulu Plus now for your Android phone from the Google Play Store. Of course, you'll need a Hulu Plus subscription to view anything from now, and you'll have to be living in the United States.

Source: Hulu; Via: The Verge

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