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Hulu Plus announced for Android

Finally, it is coming people. Samsung is running a CES event right now and Hulu Plus was just announced for Android. We don't know any hard details like when it is coming or what minimum version of Android you will need, but we will update as soon as we know more. For now, jump past the break for another picture.

Update: Hulu has posted details on their blog, the important bits -- "...Hulu is working to bring the Hulu Plus subscription service to select Android phones (running Android OS 2.2), and gave the audience a sneak peek at the Hulu Plus Android app during the presentation. Hulu Plus will be available on select Android mobile phones in coming months; we’ll announce further details as soon as we have an official launch date and complete list of Hulu Plus-enabled Android phones."

  • Where's netflix? And does anyone know of xbox hulu is plus? Will that subscription work for this? Deon what I understand you have to pay for it in the new xbox service fee. Ik not paying twice.
  • Hulu doesn't like streaming to devices besides PCs unless you have a subscription, so it's a safe bet you'll need Hulu Plus to use it on the XBox. But don't take my word for it: I've been considering this to complement Netflix on my PS3, but naturally have reservations. If Hulu Plus also requires XBox Live subscriptions as was the case for Netflix for a while, that'd be a bummer.
  • I never understood that. They should just explain it to the content providers this way, 'The more eyes we get on your products the better`.' It baffles me that you would try and limit your audience, you realize the uproar if someone made a TV show and said 'Oh by the way you can't watch this TV show if you own a X-Brand television. We have only approved Y and Z brand.'
  • It most likely because of the licensing agreements they've made that limits non-Plus viewing to PCs only.
  • Here's the thing: the content providers are controlled by old fogeys who associate new technology with piracy, and piracy with lost sales. Ergo, allowing it on new tech = lost sales.
  • GAY, Hulu is just terrible, we need Netflix...
  • We do have an official netflix app. But its not called Netflix....its weird, but unfortunately you cant stream at this point.
  • That is what he (we/everyone) wants- streaming. Not a stupid Netflix *control* app. I can do that from any web browser.
  • Curious. How is hulu "GAY"?
  • Finally!!!
  • Yawn. Family Guy ZzZzZz
  • I got to go with the Netflix camp. We need to stream Netflix not Hulu. And no extra charges per month.
  • Everyone at Samsung must be at the CES, because my Epic 4G hasn't received the update to Froyo it should have had almost five months ago. It's really nice that everything released at the CES has it, though.
  • i already have hulu on my phone for free no way in hell would i pay for it
  • Hulu for FREE? Rushes to the App Store to get it...
  • Ive had Hulu lol beauty of being rooted
  • I wouldn't give a drop of pee to support Hulu. When they stop blocking Android access to the cite I'll care. A paid app doesn't quite cut it when the offerings aren't $ worthy.
  • No Hulu up here, so don't care. Netflix would be nice but Gingerbread for my nexus one would be nicer!
  • I got hulu plus for my ps3, thought I'd try it out. Right now.... it's crap. I'd much rather go through the trouble of hooking up my mac book to my tv and getting regular free hulu... which has about 10 times the content - and for free. Needless to say, I quickly dropped my hulu plus subscription. Why pay for something to get less content than the free site? Forget it. Horrible business model.
  • I would buy it if it somehow magically brought SGU back, I don't really care about any other (US) television show currently airing.
  • Hulu works great on Myn's ROM
  • yea thats what im using, works great, just not the cleanest way to do it lol
  • It's kinda funny that I have Netflix on my Google TV, but no Hulu plus or otherwise. Hmmmm... and neither on my Droid X.
  • @onixblack what is the name of the unofficial Netflix app
  • Hulu Plus...meh...I don't need, nor want a paid subscription version of Hulu. Just let us access the regular site with Flash on the phones that support it and be done with it. Problem solved.
  • Netflix needs to get a move on! Signed frustrated Droid X owner. Funny this news comes out the day I contemplated calling Netflix and asking when they will bring Netflix to Android.
  • Hilarious considering US Galaxy S phones don't have 2.2, Samsung can't even give us a time frame
  • this is ridiculous. my epic wont be able to work with this because it doesnt have Froyo. Samsung is a joke......should have waited for the EVO Shift......
  • Sprint is your problem, not Samsung. Every other Galaxy S variant worldwide has Froyo now, except for those on US carriers. Even Canada has it.
  • maybe samsung should get rid of their useless, and overly complicated for no reason touchwiz interface. obviously sprint doesnt want to send out a shaky build that will brick our phones. Why does Sprint never have issues with HTC? The EVO had 2.2 like four months ago.....Samsung stinks with updates..plain and simple....
  • No, it's Samsung. None of the Galaxy S phones in the US on any of the carriers are running 2.2. Samsung = korean for "sucker"
  • OK I'll ask,,,,Does that mean Google TV as well?
  • @kevinp
    one can dream. I don't see why not. It is on 2.2update1. I am not that impressed with the content Hulu had. Personally thought since it was owned by the networks that everything was on there. Guess not.
  • You get to charge me a subscription fee OR make me watch ads. Not both.
  • Does anyone actually care about hulu plus for 10 bucks a month? Not I.
  • Hulu's app from Myn's Rom.