Hulu Plus adds more device support to their Android app

If you're rocking a device that in the past, wasn't supported by Hulu Plus then you'll want to check the list below. Hulu has updated their Android app today and the list of supported devices has grown by nine. Eight phones and one tablet. The new devices listed are:

  • HTC Incredible 2
  • HTC Evo 3D
  • HTC Sensation
  • Motorola Droid 3
  • Motorola Bionic
  • Motorola X2
  • LG Revolution
  • LG G2X
  • HTC Flyer

That's it -- nine new devices in total supported by Hulu Plus, anyone going to be checking it out? The service does cost $7.99/mnth but students can get one month free when you sign up.

  • Who really wants to pay for the netflix rip off with adds. My biggest qualm with them is that they charge and they still give you adds. ONE or the other. I am not stupid I don't pay to get on a bus just to have to drive it myself.
  • I don't like the ads either, but cable & satellite have been doing the same thing for decades.
  • What are you talking about? I have never seen a Netflix ad.
  • I use both, and have turned off cable TV entirely. I wouldn't call Hulu a "ripoff" of netflix - Hulu focuses on current TV episodes (frequently the next morning). They each have their uses.
  • You turned off cable?!?! You are crazy. I could not live without college football every saturday.
  • an antenna gets better quality tv for the major stations than cable, and its free. I get nbc, cbs, abc, fox, pbs, wgn (or whatever it's called today). I also gave up cable for netflix/hulu/antenna.
  • It's not a ripoff when it actually has brand new episodes the day after they air. I don't mind a 30 second ad for a show that just premiered the night before. Nor do I mind spending $8 a month on it. Netflix's streaming catalog is getting bare the more I watch, whereas Hulu's is constantly growing by day. Not to mention Netflix's business model is ass backwards, so I have a feeling I'm done with everything from them come the end of this month.
  • so your cable provider that you're paying like what, 30 bucks a month doesn't make you watch 15 minutes of commercials per hour episode? that's cool. which provider do you use? because everybody else must be stupid...paying for cable tv and forced to watch commercials.
    look, without the commercials the cost would be higher and it's worth it; the quality from hulu is so much better than netflix. i do netflix and hulu plus and have cut cable altogether.
  • Dont be so ignorant. You act like thers no commercials on cable. Youre really gonna be pissy? About one 30sec commercial? My only problem is that ive had hulu plus since beta and even though it has supported my evo 4g for a while i see nothing that looks like they want to support any older devices. All these new devices are high dollar and not everyone has the money for them. And what about my tab?! Couldnt even push it cause it recognizes im on 3.x and boots me!!!!!
  • I just tried Hulu plus for a month and canceled it... here are the 3 main reasons why I canceled it: 1. Ads... ads are a little excessive for a paid service in my opinion! Most shows that I watched had an ad right away in the beginning and 3 breaks in the middle with 2 ads each break. If there were ONLY 30 seconds of commercials for every half hour of show I'd be ok with that... but there's a lot more than that. The thing that bothered me the most with their ads is often I have to stop in the middle of a show and then start it back up later... and when I jump ahead to where I left off it forces me to rewatch all the ads that I skipped passed. 2. They don't have complete seasons on many of their shows. Yeah it's great that they offer shows the next day after they aired... but there were a few shows on there that I have never seen before and wanted to watch but they didn't have first seasons so I couldn't catch up. Also, I seen shows that had things like.. season 1 - episodes 1,2,3,4,5, and 10. Where the hell are episodes 6, 7, 8 ,and 9??!! 3. There are a quite a few shows that I watch that weren't on there... and more specifically, several networks that are not on there... like, WB, HBO, and ShowTime. I know these are licensing things but since the show that I watch are not on there then why pay for it. Hulu is a great idea and with Netflix it'll be a great replacement to cable (actually better then cable in my opinion) once they get a more complete selection, especially if they tone down on the ads.
  • No Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch? What the heck? Come on Hulu what's the deal?
  • Of course, soon as I move from the 3D, but it's cool, cause the SGSII is aaaaawwwweeessooommmeeee
  • What I would do to have hulu plus on my bluray player!
  • I really don't like that it's only for hulu plus on all these platforms.. I can watch regular Hulu on my computer.. why not on my phone/blu-ray etc?.. seems so greedy.. I guess they're in the business to make money though so I can't be too upset.
  • Wanted to try this service but can't see paying for something that's free on my pc and just bcuz its mobile constitute a monthly charge is bs sorry.
  • it's not free on the pc. this is about hulu PLUS. RTFA
  • Hulu is actually free on the computer but if you want to watch it on your phone you have to pay $7.99 a month? Thats just out right stupid. I suppose its free on the computer Cuz of the ads but then you have a monthly fee for your phone & still get ads? Can you say double dipping!
  • it's not free on the pc. this is about hulu PLUS. RTFA
  • Everyone who complains about ads on Hulu+ are completely missing the point. You aren't paying for ad-free Hulu, you're paying for access to Hulu (and some extra content) on devices other than your computer.
  • I know that it isn't Hulu's fault, but I can't justify paying for Hulu Plus when 90% (Yeah I made that figure up, but it is a lot) of their content isn't available on your mobile device.
  • Didn't the Netflix app get easily cracked for practically any device? Where is this for the Hulu+ app? :( My original Droid Incredible is getting lonely...
  • Many people WANTED the Netflix app. How many people do you really think pay for Hulu +?
  • Sucks that the shift gets ignored once again. Btw, when did the EVO Shift get added to Netflix? I just checked the market and I can finally download it.
  • I have never heard of Hulu till now, so some of it didn't make sense to me thats why I was asking what I asked. i get they are here to make money, aren't we all? But I still think if your paying for the app it should either be ad free or at a minimum cheaper..
  • Plus I am happy with my hbo go which is free to subscribers & ad free & even crackle is pretty good & totally free..
  • Nope...No revolution love even though it says so. Can't find it from my phone and the market web even tells me denied....way to fail...
  • Seriously? Still no Galaxy S support? What's their problem with Samsung?