Best answer: Yes, Hulu is available on Android TV. However, it's running an older version of the Hulu app which lacks the newest features and Add-ons. The Android TV Hulu app also doesn't currently support Hulu with Live TV.

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Hulu offers Cord Cutters a bit of everything. You can choose a huge catalog of the most popular TV shows and movies, or combine it with a live TV streaming service filled with sports, news, and entertainment. It even offers a version of the a la carte TV dream, with access to premium channels like Showtime and HBO on a single bill.

Android TV has grown and evolved in ways similar to Hulu. What began as Google's over-the-top OS for streaming devices morphed into a smart TV OS. Through it all, the NVIDIA Shield TV has been the flagship of Android TV, in the truest sense of the word. Few modern tech devices have the longevity of performance and updates the Shield TV has on Android TV.

Unfortunately, the Android TV app ecosystem has had some difficult times, but things have been much better recently. Some apps have their most advanced features on their Android TV versions, like Netflix' Bandersnatch interactive film. Other TV channel apps have newly arrived, like the A&E channel apps, or been newly updated, like the Fox TV app.

Technically available

Yes, Hulu is available on Android TV, but you may not like what you find in the app. Let's take a deeper look.

Hulu has two versions of their app available currently: the Latest app and the Classic app. The Latest Hulu app is the good one, and the one that you want. It has a design that matches the new Hulu webpage's look and feel. The Latest app also supports all of the latest features, including multiple profiles, My Stuff, and Live TV. It also includes Premium add-ons content right in the app, and DVR support. However, you won't find any of these features on your NVIDIA Shield TV,

Hulu doesn't offer the latest version of their app available on Android TV. What do they offer instead?

This old app

The Classic Hulu app for Android TV has the traditional design with the green Hulu logo. This app lacks support for multiple profiles and Live TV. The Classic Hulu app does have access to Showtime Premium Add-on content, but not HBO, Cinemax, or Starz. Also, the Classic app uses an older Watchlist, and not My Stuff, to manage what you're watching and have saved to watch next.

You can do a few things to work around the limitations of this older version of the app on your Android TV. If you have any Premium add-ons for Hulu, you can use your Hulu login to create an account for the HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, or Starz apps on the Android TV platform. These apps are modern versions with all the same features as other platforms. Also, you can sync your Watchlist over to My Stuff on the mobile app. This can make moving between this Classic app and the Latest app on your phone or other devices less annoying.

Hope for the future?

Is there any hope that the Latest Hulu app may eventually come to Android TV? Why has this app gone almost a year and a half without an update? Only Hulu knows, so expect this app to stay as it is unless it makes an announcement. There have been rumors, but without any official word, all Shield TV owners can do is check the Play Store for updates. We'll also be sure to update you if we hear any news.

Even with the Classic app, you can still watch Hulu content on your Android TV, so it's still a good time to give Hulu a try. We're big fans of free trials as a way to test all the streaming things. It is a great way to find the best services for your needs, and Hulu has a 7-day free trial. Then binge out on the best they have to offer from The Shield to This Old House!

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New and classic shows & movies on a classic app

Beyond the bells and whistles of features, it's what you watch that matters on your Android TV. Hulu on-demand starts at $8 a month for those wanting access to their huge catalog of network & original content. Starting Feb. 26, it'll cost $6 a month.

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NVIDIA Shield TV with remote

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NVIDIA built a marvel almost four years ago, as that same hardware runs flawlessly with many OS upgrades and new advanced TV apps. This box can also be your DVR, home server, smart home hub, and game console, but still stream Hulu smoothly.

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