Nexus 6P teardown shows us what's behind the camera hump and more

The Nexus 6P is the first Google smartphone produced by China-based Huawei. The handset has only just been released, and already iFixit has got their hands on a unit to rip apart carefully to gaze at the insides. While the report itself doesn't reveal much in terms of specifications, the team at iFixit noted just how troublesome it was to open up. Simply put: this phone isn't easy to repair.

Interesting to note is that once you've eventually separated the cover from the main chassis, the massive battery is immediately accessible. But you should note before attempting to open everything up that it's extremely tricky to do so without damaging the glass cover for the camera hump, due to the unibody design. That all said, it's a solid phone and one that should endure daily use without issue.

Be sure to check out the full report over on iFixit.

Source: iFixit

Rich Edmonds