Huawei Mate 20 Pro

VideoLAN blacklisted Huawei phones from downloading VLC last year, stating EMUI's "ridiculous policy of killing all background apps" caused several issues with background playback. The issues led to negative reviews by Huawei users, and VideoLAN decided to pull the plug. The company said a few months later that it would be working with Huawei to issue a fix, and it looks like that was indeed the case.

VLC is once again available for download on Huawei devices, and according to a tweet from VideoLAN, that has been the case for some months now. VideoLAN initially blacklisted the P20, P10, and the P8, but that has been lifted now, and I was able to install VLC on my P30 Pro and listen to music without any issues.

EMUI 9.1 is still very aggressive when it comes to killing off background services, but at least VLC isn't affected anymore.