Huawei Nexus 6P

Update: Since attracting buyers with the availability of the 128GB models, Huawei's store is now completely sold out of all three storage options in both colors. Hopefully they get more back in stock soon!

Original story: Huawei started offering its Nexus 6P directly just a day after launch, but didn't offer all different versions of the three colors and three storage options. Now that the Google Store has dwindling stock, Huawei's own shop has added 128GB models of both the Aluminum and Graphite colors.

Either color with the max storage of 128GB will set you back $649, the same as it would in the Google Store, and the phones sadly aren't set to ship until "late November" at this point. One upside of ordering now would be knowing you have one as soon as it's available, rather than rolling the dice on waiting for just the right model to be available for you from the Google Store. Huawei also offers monthly financing for the Nexus 6P, which you can only get from Google if you order via Project Fi.

Of course if you want the smaller 32 or 64GB models you can get those from Huawei, too, with shipping set at "early November" instead — the only downside is not having the Frost color available. In any case you also won't get the $50 Google Play credit that you'd get when ordering from the Google Store, though with the questionable stock and just a few days left in that promotion you may end up missing out on that either way.

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Nexus 6P


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