HTC's CEO says LTE phones coming in 2011, will support NFC, too

HTC CEO Peter Chou recently spoke with the GSMA (those are the folks who put on Mobile World Congress) and talked a tad about LTE phones. They're definitely on the way, though not before sometime next year (that's a surprise to no one), and the U.S. is likely to get them first because (to the surprise of everyone) we're actually ahead of the game on LTE. Said Chou:

"We are working on an LTE device for next year, 2011. We think that the U.S. mobile operator will be taking some lead and pushing 4G in the U.S. market. But, however, we are seeing the rest of the world will be deploying LTE networks in 2011. Could be the second half of 2011."

One of those phones is likely to be the HTC Mecha (possibly to be the Incredible HD on Verizon), which you see above. Chou also mentioned that HTC phones will incorporate NFC (near-field communications) mobile payment systems. Again, an expected feature, which we're seeing first in the Samsung Nexus S. 

Check out the whole video at the source, but you'll need to register first. [GSMA Mobile World Live]

Phil Nickinson
  • Pretty much obvious info. But nice to see HTC being transparent unlike other manufacturers. They definitely need higher quality screens though. I love my EVO but others screens (AMOLED) make me a tad bit jealous.
  • Thank you for watching the video and posting the whole quote instead of just quoting from other blogs who are making it sound like he said no LTE phones till the second half of 2011.
  • So, what are the chances we'll see a release before Verizon's drop-$10-a-line family plan deal is over (Jan 7th)? I was really hoping to get the HTC merge on our family plan, but I don't intend to pay for 4g and I can't afford not to take advantage of this deal. Should I keep holding out until Jan 7th or should I just buckle and buy a Droid X now?
  • I'm in the same situation you are. I was hoping to get the merge and take advantage of the great deals going on now, but as the days pass by with no hope of it coming out soon, am trying to decide if I should get BB's free deal on the Incredible. I think I'd prefer an X but, being on the family plan, its still going to cost me at least $100 to get it elsewhere. So I keep going back to the free incredible.
  • My perfect LTE phone will be the same phone as the Incredible like I have now with LTE (obviously), front facing camera and the new near field sensor. I'm very happy with the Incredible and I doubt I'll downgrade (I kid) to another phone unless it matches the current Incredible with additional worthwhile features. Unless of course I'm forced to, such as when my phone breaks and they can't replace it, etc. I'm a fan of Sense *gasp* as well as the size and shape of the Incredible. Perfect for my needs.
  • Folks who use sense love it. HTC Widgets are so damn sexy compared to anything stock or other skins. And they add ALOT of functionality that you're surprised is not there on other phones. I'm kind of spoiled honestly
  • Buy a 3g phone at the end of the promo you have 30 days to return it for a 4g you still get the promo tada
  • Why not just wait 30 days? If stuff doesn't arrive on time you end up paying full price for the upgrade when it does arrive.
  • I still have the OG Droid. A month ago I was going to upgrade to the Fascinate. Over the past 2 weeks I've decided to wait until February or so. This will be the next jump in mobile device hardware. The Mecha could be my next phone but I'm really happy with Motorola. They have the Android software support nailed. Everyone else waits for their SW upgrades while Moto rocks out the updates. Jump ship to HTC? Lots to think about...
  • any word on any lte global phones?
  • If it's one thing any of you should have learned in the Android world right now is that waiting is foolish. There will always be something better around the corner in the next 3 months. Might as well pull the trigger and enjoy what you can right now. The only people who should consider moving at all are Droid 1 users as the phone is unlikely to receive any further official updates and unless overclocked is a bit slower than everything else. Anyone with Incredible or X will be fine for some time forward. Obviously Moto will have an X like phone sometime in 2011 with LTE, same for HTC, but that doesnt mean you should wait.
  • I'm inclined to agree ...except, by all accounts, the HTC Merge was ready to go in November so you would think a release is imminent ...and I'd really like a verizon Android phone with a keyboard ...and I hate motoblur with a fiery passion.
  • Actually you overlook the fact that those buying on contract only get one upgrade every two years. So waiting might make a lot of sense. Especially if it's only for three months. Don't burn your upgrade on a short term solution and then have to pay full retail on the LTE phone you really wanted.